Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Leadership Training Seminar

After a very good Sunday with excellent services which were really blessed, plus good activities over the weekend with the youth, young at heart, deaf and married couples, I travelled yesterday 70 km north-west of Patos to Paulista to teach at a Leaders Training Seminar.

This Leaders Training Seminar was organized by Baptist churches in that region plus one Presyterian. I was invited to teach on Integral Mission and it went very well. In fact I was surprised to discover how appreciated and respected is the work of EAB/ACEV in that region amongst churches. I had no idea they were following us and I was honoured by the unexpected high esteem which they hold me in. It really took me aback. I won't tell you who I sort of felt like!

Nevertheless I do praise God that EAB/ACEV is being a light and a hope for different denominations in a way I had no idea. It just goes to show how we can be an example without knowing it to help churches get more community involved.

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