Monday, 31 July 2017

Back to Church

Last night I returned to church having last been there on the last Sunday in June. So I missed 4 Sundays in July and was back for the last Sunday of the month of July. It was good to be back. PTL! I just opened the service with a few words and prayer. Philip led the service and Elaine from the Patos Bible College spoke. It all went well. I found it quite tiring, but first time back is always like this after health problems. I hope to be strong enough to preach next Sunday.

I was asked to write an article for the principal nationwide evangelical magazine in Brazil called 'Ultimato' and I managed to do this over the last few days. My deadline was today. I have already received good feedback from the magazine so that is nice. 

I have a meeting tonight in my office with leaders of the Action Child programme. I'm slowly getting back to normal! Most of the surgical wound is now healed - just one section still open. Patience! We're getting there! PTL!

Friday, 28 July 2017

Visit to Green Pastures at last!

This morning Liz drove me out to Green Pastures for the first time in over a month! It was nice. I wasn't able to walk as I normally do, but it was just nice to go there and see the place! It was one further step on my road to recovery.

Thursday, 27 July 2017


Thanks for your prayers. I went back to see the surgeon in João Pessoa and he was very pleased with my progress to recovery. PTL! I ended the antibiotics on Tuesday thankfully and now it's a matter of continually changing the dressings of the wound which he says will still take some time to totally heal. He removed the last 6 stitches. I can't drive for another month. The surgery was 4 weeks ago this Friday.

Please pray for a serious problem we have just learnt of at Soledade. I can't say anything about it at this stage. Just please pray. We are lining up another pastor to go there and support and counsel. 

This Saturday the Patos church children will be spending the day at Green Pastures as the final event in their holiday activities which have been excellent this year. The following two days after this a team of researchers will move in to Green Pastures for 2 days of further research into lizards.

This Sunday's main service will be evangelistic. Please pray.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Slow Progress

The weekend services in Patos went off great. Philip did a great job and preached very well last night.

My blood tests showed this Monday that my infection has been controlled. PTL! I see the surgeon again on Wednesday.

I even managed a short 30 minute meeting tonight in my office handing a few urgent issues with church leaders.

I go to João Pessoa tomorrow and always value your prayers.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

A Bit Brighter

I have been feeling somewhat brighter today. Thanks for your prayers.

Philip will be leading church this Sunday in Patos so please pray for him too.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Post-Op Infection

All was going well after my surgery, but then I developed a post-op infection which complicated everything. I have taken and am taking loads of expensive antibiotics and was quite rough. I now feel a bit better but it's going to be a slower recovery now. I value your prayers.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

New Missions Play

I have this week completed the writing of a new drama for church. I have done this before writing Christmas plays but this is the first play about mission. I wrote it in conjunction with Liz and church drama leader Dilma. It is an entirely true story from our history and I believe will be most impactive and moving. I will say no more about it now so as to maintain the surprise. You can see it's first performance live in the special mission service on September 3rd, marking the 79th anniversary of our founders arrival in Brazil in 1938.

Liz will be driving me now to João Pessoa to get my surgery checked over with the surgeon.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Patience is a virtue...

I am happy to report that my recovery from my hernia surgery progresses well. I am steadily stronger and just need to keep resting up with lots of patience. I return to see the surgeon for a post-op check next Friday (14th).

I have had different visits during the week including that of Pastor Wostenes from our Campina Grande church who spent this week as a week's holiday at Green Pastures with his extensive family. They all came to visit us on Thursday (see below).

Once again this weekend Philip is in charge in the Patos church. He was working with the drama group on Friday night, today with the youth, and leads the services on Sunday. How I wish and pray that he could be freed up with more time for EAB/ACEV work. Please pray for this. If he could be part-time it would be such a big help. 

Many people are complaining in Patos about the cold as temperatures at this time of year can drop to 18ºC in the night and only reach 30ºC in the daytime.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Back in Patos

I left the hospital on Sunday morning and we stayed till the Monday in João Pessoa before heading back to Patos. It was a very tiring journey straight after surgery but Liz did very well driving very fast to get me home as quickly as possible. On the Sunday night we watched the entire service in Patos via the Internet and that went very well. PTL!

We got back to Patos at 3.35 pm yesterday (Monday) and I was particularly exhausted. Today I feel a bit brighter. It's a matter of taking things steady now and resting plenty so that everything heals nicely.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Surgery went well

Late in the afternoon this Friday I went down to sugery in a João Pessoa hospital to finally get my inguinal hérnia fixed. The operation took longer than had been expected because the hernia turned out be larger than originally thought. Nevertheless all went well and I hope to be discharged on Sunday morning. We plan to go to Patos on Monday. I had a shower this morning and had the dressing changed . I am back to normal food today which is helpful. Thanks for your prayers. Philip will be leading the service in Patos.