Thursday, 1 February 2018

Run Up to the Carnival Camp

Last Sunday's service in Patos was good with 3 people recommitting their lives to Christ at the end. On the Monday Liz  spent a long time with a woman who is a spiritist and wants to become a Christian. Please pray. On the Saturday evening I sent a great time with the youth. It was a real blessing.

The month of January ended yesterday, as it always seems to do, on my birthday! I had a nice walk at Green Pastures in the morning and we had a pizza together as a family in the evening, which was good (see below).

The rainfall for the month at Green Pastures was 2.4 inches so that's got the ball rolling nicely and greened things up well for the Camp starting on the 10th. In the Itaporanga area it rained really hard at the weekend and this lifted our pipeline reservoir off the bottom to reach 4% capacity. I know that means there are 96% to go, but the 4% does give us a bit of a breathing space for some weeks so is a real answer to prayer. In other words it has avoided for now a total water supply collapse this month in Patos and region. It is what is known as saved by the bell or like scoring a goal in the last minute of extra time! Thank you Lord.

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