Friday, 28 September 2018

EAB Board Meeting today

Today, Friday September 28th, at 7pm the EAB Board of Trustees will be meeting at Jean's house in Basingstoke. Liz and I will also be present of course, together with special guests Jamie and Josie-Ellen James. Please pray for us that all will be decided in unity and the will of God for His glory.

My spectacles broke or desintegrated of their own wear and tear accord last night. Just as well I brought a spare pair from Brazil! These sort of things always seem to happen at key moments and at the beginning of a key weekend like this without glasses would not have been fun!

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Attention all going to EAB's Annual celebration

Please note that the M27 will be closed this weekend from junctions 3 to 4 so allow extra time to get round this. I suggest 2 alternatives for those coming from the London direction:

Leave the M3 at junction 11 and head for Romsey, via Stanmore down the A3090. When you get to Romsey then either go south down the A3057 following the signs to the M27 but going on to the M271 which will not be closed and switch your sat-nav back on for Hardley - SO45 3NZ. The alternative from Romsey is to take the A3090 and cross the M27 at junction 2 switching the sat-nav back on if you don't know the area - SO45 3NZ.

Action starts at 5:30pm with auction + refreshments and the Celebration will start at 7pm. May God richly bless us all!

Return from the North-east

Sundays services at Great Lumley & Bishop Auckland went well as did Tuesday's in Horden. Yesterday (Wednesday) we returned to the south meeting a second-cousin for the first time ever in Leeds on the way. Paul is grandson of my late maternal Uncle Andy.

Now we are preparing for the EAB Board meeting this Friday and then the big EAB 80th Celebration on Saturday followed by services on Sunday at Cadnam and Winterslow.  It's going to be a hectic weekend but we believe it will be really blessed.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

North-east England

We arrived here at our mini-castle at Hawthorne, Co. Durham on Wednesday evening high above the cliffs amidst a powerful gale! It was quite a job to unload the car and get into our beautiful accomodation without getting blown away! We have done plenty of walking here and climbing down cliffs to beaches and then back up again. I've taken lots of photos.

On Thurdsday we spoke at Hilton Castle Mission in Sunderland and it was a lovely service.

Tomorrow, Sunday, we will be ministering at Great Lumley in the morning and Bishop Auckland in the evening. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

This is what the final part of September looks like for us

19 am Travel to the north-east of England
20 pm Hylton Castle Mission, Sunderland
23 am Great Lumley Evangelical Church / pm Weir Valley Christian Centre, Bishop Auckland
25 pm Victory Church, Horden, Peterlee
26 Travel back south
28 pm EAB Board Meeting at Basingstoke
29 pm EAB 80th Annual Celebration at Lighthouse Community Church SO45 3NZ
30 am Cadnam Methodist Church / pm Winterslow Gospel Lifeboat Mission

From Wales to north-east England

Our weekend of meetings and ministry in Wales went very well. We met up with Pastor Mike Holmes and his wife Cathy who were in Brazil with us in 2006. We also had a good meeting with folk interested in church planting tips. 

Ministry at the Bethlehem Church Life Centre at Cefn Cribbwr near Bridgend went well and it also went well at the Bridge Church in Neath. 

Yesterday we helped my sister Jean clean out and re-organize her large garden shed which involved 3 car loads being taken to the re-cycling rubbish tip and 3 other trips to the charity shop! Quite a bit of stuff! The work took us all day!

Tomorrow Marian Rashleigh is kindly driving us to the north-east of England where we will spend a week ministering at the Hylton Castle Mission at Sunderland on Thursday at 7m (SR5 3LQ). Then on Sunday morning we'll be speaking at the Great Lumley Evangelical Church at 10.30 am (DH3 4JH) and at the Weir Valley Christian Centre in Bishop Auckland (where my Mum was born) at 6 pm (DL14 7JX). On Tuesday, Sep. 25, we'll be speaking at the Victory Church, Horden, Peterlee (SR8 4PH) at 7.30 pm.My cousin Philip is a member of this church.

Your prayers are valued for all our travels and ministry and if you're in the region please do join us. 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Wales here we come!

This Sunday we will be ministering in Wales. At 10:30am we will be at the BCLC at Cefn Cribbwr (CF32 0AA). Then we will be at the Bridge Church in Neath (SA11 1RP) at 5pm. Please be there if you live in these areas. 

Don't forget the 80th Annual EAB Celebration on Saturday, September 29th to be held at the Lighthouse Community Church near Southampton (SO45 3NZ). 90 people have already said they will be there so we are praying to pass the 100 barrier. Please come! We will have an auction with refreshments kicking off punctually at 5:30pm. The auction and refreshments will run parallel so as to make the most of the time. I will be the auctioneer and even have been given an official gavel to bash for the 80th! Wow! I can't wait! There are some amazing items for auction. There will also be a bring and buy sale and all the proceeds from everything will go to the work of the Lord.

The Celebration service will start at 7pm and I will be leading it. Both Liz and I will speak and show a video of the work in Brazil made specially for the occasion. Let us come together to praise God for all his goodness and let us come together to be challenged for the coming years as we head for EAB 100 years if Jesus tarries. 

Youth arise and get on board with EAB in its 80th year! We need young people to catch the vision and catch fire for Mission!

Our EAB Euro Tour so far

Having had two good fruitful EAB meetings in Switzerland we were back in the UK for Sunday (Sep.9th) at Verwood in Dorset where the Lord blessed. Then the following day I conducted Elizabeth's Aunt Rosemary's funeral at the same place and this also went off fine. It certainly wasn't part of our schedule for this Euro Trip but it was an honour to serve in this way. I have conducted inumerous funerals during 46 years of ministry but this was only the second in English, with the first having been my Dad's in 2002. I buried my own father-in-law and mother-in-law but they were both services in Portuguese. 

This week I have worked on a lot of things from London - dealing with various issues in Brazil via WhatsApp with different leaders and leadership teams. Then too I have contacted all the churches we are yet to visit in the UK sending them the videos we are going to show in their churches ahead of time so that they can put it in their church's system ahead of our arrival and thus avoid possible technical hitches. Our son Philip who is a professional in the IT field, with a Master's Degree in Computer Science, always says that anything new you introduce into any computer system should be tested ahead of it being used, no matter how simple it seems! Very good advice!

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Verwood in Dorset here we come

This Sunday, September 9th, we will be ministering at the Bethel Chapel, Verwood, Dorset, BH31 7AH at 11am. Please be there with us if you live in the area.

On Monday morning, September 10th, I will be back there to conduct the Thanksgiving service for the life of Elizabeth's aunt Rosemary Tivey who was the pastor of the Chapel. The service will start at 11:30am followed by the burial at the local cemetery. 

The following Sunday (16th) we will be in Wales - speaking at the BCLC in Cefn Cribbwr (CF32 0AA) at 10:30am and at the Bridge Church in Neath (SA11 1RP) at 5pm. We look forward to seeing as many Welsh people as possible!

Second report on our Europe Trip

Our second Sunday of ministry went very well at Bristol - at the Ivy Church in the morning and at the PHC in the evening. Both services were really blessed. We got back to London about 10pm.

On the following morning we got up at 5:15am  and headed for Heathrow at 6:45am in good time for our flight to Zurich. Liz's brother and his wife met us at the airport in Switzerland, and from there we headed for the Alps having a picnic on the side of a beautiful lake on the way. We arrived at Tschiertschen late afternoon at an altitude of 1,528 metres. A place of absolute beauty, silence, cleanliness, nature and peace.

In Switzerland we have walked quite a lot in the mountains. We also met with a man who contributes each year to EAB's Christmas hampers project and were able to show him some videos of the work in Brazil.

Yesterday we travelled by bus down from the Alps to Chur in the valley below where we caught the Bernina Express train which, in a 4 hour journey, goes up (to over 2,200 metres in altitude) and down through the Alps, and ends at Tirano in Italy where we had lunch. We later made the same journey back to Liz's brother's mountain home at Tschiertchen at around 8pm. It was a long day (we were up at 5am) but one of stunningly beautiful scenery beyond imagination!

Today we have done some more walking and relaxing at Tschiertchen and tomorrow we travel to Winterthur near Zurich where Sam (Liz's brother) has another house. There we will have a meeting with other people who annually support the EAB Christmas Hamper project and show them a video of the work. On Saturday, Liz's birthday, we spend half the day in Switzerland and then head back to the UK where we will be ministering at Bethel Chapel, Verwood on Sunday morning.

We are very grateful to Liz's brother and sister-in-law Sam & Gerti Dyer for providing this lovely week's break for us in Switzerland without any cost for us, and also to Liz's sister Eunice and brother-in-law Jon for renting us a car in the UK also at no cost for us. May God richly bless them.