Thursday, 22 February 2018

More rain!

Tonight we have received the blessing of another just over half an inch of rain at Green Pastures, taking us up to the total of 14.3 inches in 2018 with 40 inches being our final goal by the end of the rainy season in May/June. We have to fill up lakes and reservoirs and plant now as the second half of the year is always drought. 

I've worked a lot on the 'Drug Free' Project today and on the 4 Legs Goat Project with 4 more EAB goats going to Belém Community in Tavares County and to Macambira Community in Princesa Isabel County. I have also has other discussions with pastors and leaders.

I had meetings with the Desert Flower Project leader also. The project at the moment is being a real blessing to 22 desperately needy mums and their kids. Some are starting to ask for prayer for their lives and two actually asked prayer for "deliverance" last week! God is working in their sin torn sad lives. Please continue to pray and support.

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