Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Tragic Plane Crash

The terrible plane crash which killed nearly the entire squad of a Brazilian football club on their way to the South American Cup final in Columbia has shocked the country to the core. The team has risen from almost nowhere to reach the final, on a similar scale to Leicester winning the Premiership last season in England. The club is from the extreme south of Brazil a vast distance from us, but the whole nation in reeling with the sad news. 21 journalists on the British Airspace plane were also killed. We pray for all the bereaved families.

New Series of Sermons in John's Gospel

On the Sunday before last I started a new series on the last of the 4 Gospels to be written, probably in the last decade of the 1st century, and I continued this series in John's Gospel this Sunday too. At the end of the service one young man raised his hand to express faith in Christ and comittment to Him. PTL! The praise and worship was particularly blessed this Sunday. Our band is really good and in a great spirit.

We had a nice visit from Miriam Price who was over for a couple of weeks or so from the UK to visit her family. She kindly brought us a few Christmas things (pudding, cake etc.) sent by my sister Jean. It was nice to chat with her and catch up on her news. She has now returned to Blighty.

Talking about my sister Jean - she held a Musical Charity Concert again for EAB last Saturday with lots of her students taking part. It raised over £300 for EAB which is excellent! PTL! Many thanks Jean for this effort.

We have a problem with some of our workers and value your prayers. I can't go into details, but it has created a lot of tension and stress unnecessarily. These things are sent to try us!

This week I will be having a meeting with our deaf pastor to discuss that section of the work, and on Saturday I will be preaching at the EAB/ACEV Portelo Church in the rural area near Campina Grande. The Patos band will be going too. 

We have the boy scout cubs camping at Green Pastures at the weekend. I will do a guided tour of part of the Reserve with them. On Sunday night I will be preaching again. Philip will be taking the Bible study on Thursday.

Today we had a meeting with lots of our leaders discussing ways to develop further and expand the Action Child programme. Please pray.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Goaty Morning!

I love preaching the Gospel and I love practising the Gospel. I'm not perfect at either, but I'm working on both! This morning was one of those lovely mornings where I was able to serve a bit in practical ways in a community where I've preached a lot.

Last year EAB received funds from Larbert Pentecostal Church's Sunday School with which we supplied a goat to a very poor family. The goat's milk helped Francisco and Mirele feed their little boy Paulo Silas until one day the goat became sick. The Vet's endeavours were to no avail and eventually the goat died. Now the family has grown and they also have another little boy called Josué - but no goat milk! Hence EAB stepped in and donated a new goat with two female kids. Granddad Paulo is in the photo helping out as his son was at work. The family was overjoyed to receive another goat.

I then went on to give a food hamper to an unbelievably needy family of 11 kids where Dad cares for all as Mum has switched husbands. Dad wasn't in but I left the hamper with the children who were.

Whilst in the community I checked over the well EAB/ACEV has drilled there. It supplies piped water to 22 homes, regularly supplies water to another 5 homes and supplies another 10 homes when the droughts are at their peaks like now. Hence this well provides water for 37 homes and about 260 people. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Leadership Conference

This year's Leadership Conference went very well although it was exceptionally tiring. This was because the senior leadership team had to meet not-stop prior to and during the event to deal with a number of problems and issues which had accumulated. Hence the event started on the Friday at Green Pastures at 6pm but the senior leadership team went flat out all day prior to this - morning and afternoon. The free fellowship time on Saturday morning was also non-stop for the Board of leaders and so it went on.

One or two problems we faced have still not been solved regarding Ceará State and Barra de Oitis. We value your prayers.

The ministry of the Word by visiting speaker Carlos Queiroz was very good. He was the speaker last year too. The spirit of the gathering was beautiful with much unity. Thanks for your prayers.

I am now working very intensely with so many issues to do with the work after the Conference. It is hard to keep one's head above water so to speak! Here is the good crowd of leaders at the Conference. (Click on photo to see it larger)

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Preparing for Leadership Conference

I have just got back from a quick trip to Green Pastures taking supplies ready for the leadership Conference which runs from Friday through Sunday (as the Americans say!). Everything taking shape nicely with a full scale clean up underway. It's a bee hive of activity. Liz will be going after lunch again. 

I met two scientists who are back there researching lizards. They leave tomorrow in  good time for the Conference.

I spent yesterday preparing for tonight's special school thanksgiving service at our church which I will be leading and speaking at.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Musical EAB fundraising event

 Please go and support this fundraising event for EAB! If you can't go why not get in the Christmas spirit and buy a ticket for a fiver to support the event anyway. Please contact medcraftnorth@sky.com or eabfinance@gmail.com . You can also donate online at

Wonderful Communion Service

This Sunday night saw a wonderful communion service in the Patos church. A truly blessed night. PTL! Now down to preparing for Tuesday night's School graduation thanksgiving service which includes our granddaugher Louisa.

With the Leadership Conference starting on Friday it is all stations go for that. Please pray.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

The USA Elections

Liz and I have followed the USA elections for a long time... too long! It is the worst example of "democracy" I can remember from a country which purports to be democracy's worldwide greatest supporter! What a mockery of this image this election campaign has made.

Donald Trump is for me a typical rotten rich spoilt brat who has always been able to say ("Mexicans are rapists, murderers and thieves") and do to people, especially women, whatever he likes! If he becomes the president of the world's most powerful nation next Tuesday then it first of all speaks very badly of the USA electorate, and in second place is an unprecedented threat to world peace, human rights, the environment etc. etc. 

It staggers me to see statistics showing that 70% of USA evangelical Christians will vote for Trump because he says he has an anti-abortion position! So proliferate nuclear weapons is fine as long as he is pro-life? I say - get a life! Wake up!

That Hillary Clinton is not perfect is to state the obvious, but she is, for us, far less imperfect than her abominable rival.

May God save America and the world!

Friday, 4 November 2016


We had a great Bible study last night on Matthew 18:21-35 all about forgiveness. Numbers are improving again and the service was lovely. PTL!

I've been to Green Pastures twice this week preparing for the Leadership Conference, which starts a week today, and Liz is there now for the 4th time this week. So much to do when major events are to be held. We've done a bit of building work to improve things and lots of maintenence work. 

I am now preparing for Sunday which is a Communion service. I also need to prepare for a graduation service from Senior High School next Tuesday. These are such major opportunities with the church packed out mainly with non-Christians.