Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Lovely Christmas!

Last week was as hectic as ever with a lot of EAB correspondence to deal with on top of everything else. During the week we distributed Christmas Hampers in various places, but the main distribution was on the Friday in the Patos Project Centre, next to the church, with toys as well for the kids. It went great with a total of 244 full hampers + 36 smaller hampers from food we managed to get together at the last minute to help yet further people + 150 toys.

Saturday night was the typical Brazilian Christmas Eve supper at Philip & Gylmara's house, with all the family gathered for the occasion. On Christmas Day Sunday Liz cooked the typical British lunch and again got all the family together for this, followed by some gifts round the tree. 

At night we had a fantastic Christmas service in the Patos church which was so utterly packed out that we had to use every extra chair we had! The play was very impactive and blessed being a modern mixture of the old Christmas story from the angle of the "Heaven's Angels" (as opposed to Hell's Angels) Canteen getting the news that they had to get on their motorbikes and take the news of Jesus's birth to a group of "landless" shepherds. The half hour play ended with a switch to Jesus' second coming and a challenge to the church. I brought a short message after this followed by the church children receiving sweets and presents round the tree. It was all lovely and really blessed.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Happy Christmas preached and practised!

Saturday saw us up in the mountains at Imaculada to inaugurate a playground for poor kids in Glória Community, Imaculada. It was a beautiful time of celebration!

Then Sunday was the children's nativity play in the Patos church which was packed out beyond belief. A beautiful evening of the proclamation of the old Gospel story that Jesus came. PTL!

On Monday was the church couple's Christmas party which was also a lovely and blessed evening of fun and fellowship.

During this week we are distributing Christmas Hampers too and our big Christmas service will be on Christmas Day broadcast live worldwide with a full Christmas play. Happy Christmas!

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Making and having a Happy Christmas

Life is as hectic as ever as we work towards Christmas day. Christmas has got to be about thinking about others and not just oneself and the family. Christians can't solve all the problems in the world, but they can solve some. People say to us in the UK that it's different for us as we live and work in such a poor area. Whilst it's true that it's different it doesn't mean there aren't needs all around you where you are in the more afluent places of the world. It's a question of attitude, commitment and understanding what Christianity and Christmas really involves.

Thursday saw our Pastor Frank Dyer School here in Patos present the Christmas story for civil servants in the centre of Patos for the 6th year in succession. Just the trip from the outskirts of town to the centre is a major adventure for these poor kids! They did very well and one of the boys who has been very ill asked if he could give his testimony at the end of the play! We said sure, and off he went telling the adults there straight that he was there thanks to the prayers of God's people and that God had healed him. All off his own back from the heart! Beautiful and powerful! PTL!

Yesterday Sacha took her daughters' pediatrician to a poor borough of Patos to give all the children medical check-ups, medication, personal hygiene kits, shoes and toys. Boy what emotion there was there!

I have prepared my sermon for this Sunday in Patos and now we're off up the mountains to inaugurate a playground for very poor rural kids in the Glória community in Imaculada County. Happy Christmas!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Good weekend but frustrating journey

We had a good weekend - starting with Bia's "graduation" from ABC School - she now goes into year 1. There was a lovely party for the kids held by the school which of course all the family went to.

On Saturday it was Luis's 1st birthday so it was over to Philip's house for a little party. On Sunday was his sister Louisa's 17th birthday. The service at night went very well with a packed church as always these days. It was "Bible Day" so I preached about the Bible and its importance.

On Monday Liz and I travelled to the coast to João Pessoa to be there bright and early for 2 routine doctor's check-up appointments. Infuriatingly both doctors made no-shows so we drove all the way back to Patos yesterday afternoon/evening having driven for hours each way for nothing!

Today I went to Green Pastures in the morning and this afternoon with had a little party for Lynn's 40th birthday (see photo below). Philip will give the Bible Study tomorrow and I am preparing for Sunday. I will be going to inaugurate a new playground facility at our rural "Glória" church in Imaculada County. On top of all these activities I have a list a mile long of issues I have to deal with linked to EAB/ACEV churches and projects as well as EAB itself. It is a busy life.


Wednesday, 7 December 2016

What a long day of meetings!

We had senior leadership meetings all day this Tuesday starting at 10am and going non-stop till 9.30pm! Talk about exhausting! We had lunch and evening food brought in and eaten on the job! The day started with a meeting with 2 pastors who used to be part of ACEV/EAB discussing a dispute over mission property in Mauá - São Paulo going back to the year 2000! At least they ended up asking forgiveness which was nice. There will be further meetings to resolve the problem.

We then discussed Ribeirão Pires - São Paulo where it looks like the church is going to close. Not all things work out as we hoped!

We then went on to discuss project issues and a new plantation/horticulture project to be started for the landless community not far from Green Pastures. This promises! We also had a good meeting with a leader of an online distance theological College regognized and fully legal with the Ministry of Education. This is also promising! And so it went on... a long but united and fruitful day.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

From Portelo to Patos

We travelled to the rural church of Portelo this Saturday night and the Patos Band went too. Their ministry was great. I preached the Gospel. We got to bed at 1am driving back home after the service.

Now we're off to the Communion Service in Patos where I will again be preaching.

This week is going to be very hectic with a massive day this Tuesday with major leadership meetings morning, afternoon and night - followed by a graduation thanksgiving service on the Wednesday. We sure do value your prayers.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

EAB Action Child Schools

It is always so lovely to see the very poor children in EAB's Action Schools being taught with God's love and respect. It is wonderful to see their lives being helped and changed. Please support EAB Action Schools and make a difference to very needy kids in the northeastern Brazilian hinterland. For further information please contact out UK Action Child School coordinator Marian Rashleigh at:

Another blessed Soup Run!

Our church Soup Run Team was out late last night again distributing 110 litres of soup + 160 loaves of bread to the hungry around the slum areas of Patos. The dear old Kombi was the transporter as usual. We praise God for this excellent team which cooks the soup which is thick and full of vegetables and meat. They also distribute the Word with the soup!


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Tragic Plane Crash

The terrible plane crash which killed nearly the entire squad of a Brazilian football club on their way to the South American Cup final in Columbia has shocked the country to the core. The team has risen from almost nowhere to reach the final, on a similar scale to Leicester winning the Premiership last season in England. The club is from the extreme south of Brazil a vast distance from us, but the whole nation in reeling with the sad news. 21 journalists on the British Airspace plane were also killed. We pray for all the bereaved families.

New Series of Sermons in John's Gospel

On the Sunday before last I started a new series on the last of the 4 Gospels to be written, probably in the last decade of the 1st century, and I continued this series in John's Gospel this Sunday too. At the end of the service one young man raised his hand to express faith in Christ and comittment to Him. PTL! The praise and worship was particularly blessed this Sunday. Our band is really good and in a great spirit.

We had a nice visit from Miriam Price who was over for a couple of weeks or so from the UK to visit her family. She kindly brought us a few Christmas things (pudding, cake etc.) sent by my sister Jean. It was nice to chat with her and catch up on her news. She has now returned to Blighty.

Talking about my sister Jean - she held a Musical Charity Concert again for EAB last Saturday with lots of her students taking part. It raised over £300 for EAB which is excellent! PTL! Many thanks Jean for this effort.

We have a problem with some of our workers and value your prayers. I can't go into details, but it has created a lot of tension and stress unnecessarily. These things are sent to try us!

This week I will be having a meeting with our deaf pastor to discuss that section of the work, and on Saturday I will be preaching at the EAB/ACEV Portelo Church in the rural area near Campina Grande. The Patos band will be going too. 

We have the boy scout cubs camping at Green Pastures at the weekend. I will do a guided tour of part of the Reserve with them. On Sunday night I will be preaching again. Philip will be taking the Bible study on Thursday.

Today we had a meeting with lots of our leaders discussing ways to develop further and expand the Action Child programme. Please pray.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Goaty Morning!

I love preaching the Gospel and I love practising the Gospel. I'm not perfect at either, but I'm working on both! This morning was one of those lovely mornings where I was able to serve a bit in practical ways in a community where I've preached a lot.

Last year EAB received funds from Larbert Pentecostal Church's Sunday School with which we supplied a goat to a very poor family. The goat's milk helped Francisco and Mirele feed their little boy Paulo Silas until one day the goat became sick. The Vet's endeavours were to no avail and eventually the goat died. Now the family has grown and they also have another little boy called Josué - but no goat milk! Hence EAB stepped in and donated a new goat with two female kids. Granddad Paulo is in the photo helping out as his son was at work. The family was overjoyed to receive another goat.

I then went on to give a food hamper to an unbelievably needy family of 11 kids where Dad cares for all as Mum has switched husbands. Dad wasn't in but I left the hamper with the children who were.

Whilst in the community I checked over the well EAB/ACEV has drilled there. It supplies piped water to 22 homes, regularly supplies water to another 5 homes and supplies another 10 homes when the droughts are at their peaks like now. Hence this well provides water for 37 homes and about 260 people. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Leadership Conference

This year's Leadership Conference went very well although it was exceptionally tiring. This was because the senior leadership team had to meet not-stop prior to and during the event to deal with a number of problems and issues which had accumulated. Hence the event started on the Friday at Green Pastures at 6pm but the senior leadership team went flat out all day prior to this - morning and afternoon. The free fellowship time on Saturday morning was also non-stop for the Board of leaders and so it went on.

One or two problems we faced have still not been solved regarding Ceará State and Barra de Oitis. We value your prayers.

The ministry of the Word by visiting speaker Carlos Queiroz was very good. He was the speaker last year too. The spirit of the gathering was beautiful with much unity. Thanks for your prayers.

I am now working very intensely with so many issues to do with the work after the Conference. It is hard to keep one's head above water so to speak! Here is the good crowd of leaders at the Conference. (Click on photo to see it larger)

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Preparing for Leadership Conference

I have just got back from a quick trip to Green Pastures taking supplies ready for the leadership Conference which runs from Friday through Sunday (as the Americans say!). Everything taking shape nicely with a full scale clean up underway. It's a bee hive of activity. Liz will be going after lunch again. 

I met two scientists who are back there researching lizards. They leave tomorrow in  good time for the Conference.

I spent yesterday preparing for tonight's special school thanksgiving service at our church which I will be leading and speaking at.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Musical EAB fundraising event

 Please go and support this fundraising event for EAB! If you can't go why not get in the Christmas spirit and buy a ticket for a fiver to support the event anyway. Please contact or . You can also donate online at

Wonderful Communion Service

This Sunday night saw a wonderful communion service in the Patos church. A truly blessed night. PTL! Now down to preparing for Tuesday night's School graduation thanksgiving service which includes our granddaugher Louisa.

With the Leadership Conference starting on Friday it is all stations go for that. Please pray.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

The USA Elections

Liz and I have followed the USA elections for a long time... too long! It is the worst example of "democracy" I can remember from a country which purports to be democracy's worldwide greatest supporter! What a mockery of this image this election campaign has made.

Donald Trump is for me a typical rotten rich spoilt brat who has always been able to say ("Mexicans are rapists, murderers and thieves") and do to people, especially women, whatever he likes! If he becomes the president of the world's most powerful nation next Tuesday then it first of all speaks very badly of the USA electorate, and in second place is an unprecedented threat to world peace, human rights, the environment etc. etc. 

It staggers me to see statistics showing that 70% of USA evangelical Christians will vote for Trump because he says he has an anti-abortion position! So proliferate nuclear weapons is fine as long as he is pro-life? I say - get a life! Wake up!

That Hillary Clinton is not perfect is to state the obvious, but she is, for us, far less imperfect than her abominable rival.

May God save America and the world!

Friday, 4 November 2016


We had a great Bible study last night on Matthew 18:21-35 all about forgiveness. Numbers are improving again and the service was lovely. PTL!

I've been to Green Pastures twice this week preparing for the Leadership Conference, which starts a week today, and Liz is there now for the 4th time this week. So much to do when major events are to be held. We've done a bit of building work to improve things and lots of maintenence work. 

I am now preparing for Sunday which is a Communion service. I also need to prepare for a graduation service from Senior High School next Tuesday. These are such major opportunities with the church packed out mainly with non-Christians.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Plenty happening as always!

The Bible study last Thursday was a real blessing as was the visit to preach at Princesa Isabel on Saturday. We also had excellent services yesterday in Patos and the Teixeira church in the mountains had a great anniversary weekend. PTL!

Today our churches start a 40 day read of the New Testament. Perhaps you would like to join us following the schedule below?

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Granddaughter Louisa off to Law School!

Our granddaughter Louisa (Philip & Gylmara'a daughter) has just got her results in for her university entrance exams and she has passed and is into Law School as from the beginning of next year! PTL! She is just 16 and will be 17 in December! She participates beautifully in church and is a key member of the P&W Band, so we are very grateful to God for this tremendous victory and blessing in her life. We'll soon have a lawyer in the family! Our other university age grandchild, Felipe (Deborah's son), is studying to be an architect - so God is being seen to be faithful in our family's lives for which we praise Him!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Things that go glug & blob in the Night!

On Saturday night I spent time out in the Green Pastures wilds, with my friend Pastor Fred from the Conceição Baptist church, with cameras and torches in the pitch black of night! It was great and I took some good photos of frogs like this on the edge of the lake:

I also nearly trod on this Coral snake:

There were lots of Tarantula spiders on the move and this one just got down its hole to escape from us before I could get a better photo:

Prior to this the Bible study went great on the Friday and last night's service was great too with my friend Pastor Fred preaching a superb sermon. PTL! Now it's down to a lot of administrative work for the Mission and preparing to preach at Princesa Isabel on Saturday and in Patos on Sunday.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A non-stop week

A week ago today was Children's Day in Brazil so we held a big event and service for the children in the church which went very well indeed. Many of the EAB/ACEV churches did similar events and activities.

On Thursday it was Bible study night and that went off fine. I also had a good meeting with our deaf pastor and also chaired a meeting of the Jabre Peak campaign leadership team. On Friday I took part in the EAB UK Board meeting via Skype and that went very well. I had my hair cut at some point amongst all this - which made me feel quite light headed!

On Saturday the EAB annual Celebration was held near Southampton and we took part via a video which you can see here: . The service went well I hear with about 50 people present. Pastor Michael Rollo from Scotland was the speaker. On the same day we travelled to preach at Manaíra together with the Church band.That was a real blessing with hundreds gathering in a great street meeting to hear the Gospel.

In Patos on Sunday was the communion service and did we have a packed church. Wow! Fantastic.

On Monday I chaired another public meeting in defense of Jabre Peak and on Tuesday I went to Green Pastures. When I got back from there I went to visit a pastor from another denomination who is 82 and broke his thigh in a fall at home. I am trying to help him get his surgery done in the hospital and had it all sorted today - but the operation had to be cancelled at the last minute as the brother went and drunk loads of water! Oh dear!

Today I have had a Skype meeting with leadership with the Christian environmental organization 'A Rocha' and planned some activities together for next year. I am now preparing this Thursday's Bible study. On Saturday I will be interviewed on the Roman Catholic radio station. Times have changed.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

92 today

My dear Mum is 92 today! I have sent her an e-card and a video message. Mum just keeps on hanging on in there and we praise God for her long life in service to the Lord. (photo taken a year ago)

Monday, 10 October 2016

Quite a Weekend!

I prepared my sermon (most of it) for the Sunday night in Patos on Saturday and at night Liz and I headed for a farm not far beyond Green Pastures where Liz spoke and I preached. It was a good meeting with between 50 and 60 present.

Following the service we called in at Green Pastures to pick up stacks of plates for the 'Bean Feast' (traditional Brazilian Feijoada dish) which the youth were doing for Sunday lunch in order to raise funds for their members to go to the Youth Conference next month in Campina Grande. Liz had insisted previously with the cook (Linda) to bring in more giant cooking pots for the event but was told it wasn't necessary. However as we were entering Patos about 10pm Liz's mobile rang... and yes it was the cook saying she needed the pots! So we dropped the plates off at the church and then had to turn round and drive back out to Green Pastures to get the cooking pots and drop them at the Patos church too! We got to bed at well gone midnight as a consequence.

Early on Sunday morning we had a phone call to say that one of our church members' father had died aged 97 - and could I conduct the funeral at 4pm to which of course I agreed. So here I was tired out, had to finish off the preparation of my sermon for the evening service, needed to at least show my face and eat at the 'Bean Feast', then conduct a funeral prior to getting to church for the evening celebration at 6.30pm.

The funeral went off fine with a good crowd suporting. I led it from inside a tiny front room in the house alongside the open coffin, with a microfone linked to a vehicle with loudspeakers outside the house. It was extremely hot - especially for me in my full funeral suit and tie.

We just had time to get home after this for a quick cuppa and then charge to church where the service with live broadcast was held and was really blessed. I preached on 'The Bible and Children' as this coming Wednesday is Children's Day in Brazil and in the service last night some of the kids did a lovely dance in which grandddaughters Alice and Bia took part. This Wednesday we will have a special event for children at the church in the afternoon.

Liz and I got home exhausted, but still managed to watch the USA presidential debate as we usually do.

This morning we awoke to church problems to solve and have zapped them (I hope) so we press on. Thanks for all your prayers and support - especially with the Brexit sterling crisis going from bad to worth. Difficult days for missions. Anyway here are the girls dancing before the Lord last night in church.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Annual EAB Report

I finished and sent to the EAB Board of Trusteees in the UK yesterday the annual report from the work here, as is always done in the build up for the AGM. The Board will be meeting on October 14th and the Annual Celebration and fellowship tea will be on the following day.

I am now working on a video message for the Annual Celebration. I also have to prepare the Bible Study for tonight, a sermon for Saturday in São Mamede and for Patos on Sunday. 

My Mum, who will be 92 next Wednesday (12th) is very frail. I have spoken to her a number of times this week via Whatsapp. She called my name and said she loved me - which was nice bless her heart!

Whatsapp is very useful for many things, including fast contact between the ACEV leadership team here. We sorted out a serious problem which arose this week very quickly through this means of communication.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Victory over corruption

The Mayor I voted for, Dinaldinho Wanderley, was elected today with a 10% margin over his nearest rival and will take up office on January 1st. His Deputy Mayor, Bonifácio Rocha, is a good friend of mine. It was a victory of right over wrong I feel and I thank God for answered prayer. I now pray that the new guy will stay on the straight and narrow. 

It was a tense day waiting for the result. Polls closed at 5pm and we had the result by 6.30pm.


Today (Sunday) is the day local elections are held nationwide in Brazil for Mayor and Town Councils. In Patos there are 5 candidates for Mayor and 194 for Town Councillor for which there are 17 places to be had. As usual our church held its only service today from 8am to 9am so as to leave people free to vote afterwards. We don't hold our main Sunday night service on election day as the noise in town by then is too great. Voting takes places from 8am to 5pm and as Brazil uses an electronic ballot system it gives very fast results so we expect the result in Patos by about 7pm. I voted straight after the service in church.

Things are exceptionally quiet for an election day in Patos which I interpret as a good sign for the candidate I voted for Mayor. There are not a lot of coloured shirts either as there normally are. This is all good in my opinion for the anti-corruption candidate. However we will watch and pray and wait and see!

Thursday night's Bible study went very well. On Friday I went to Green Pastures and discovered there had been a bust up there between Tarcisio and another worker so had to sort that out.

Tomorrow night we have a special meeting at the request of the College of Physiotherapy in Patos to thank God for the 10 years of the College. Thus I am preparing my message for this. A good opportunity as most there will be none Christians.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

New Edition of EAB's In Touch magazine now online

EAB InTouch Magazine 86

The EAB InTouch magazine edition 86 is now back from the printers and going into the post this week. It gives a nice overview of the work in NE Brazil during the last few months so do read it and then pass it on to someone who might find it interesting. There are plenty of photos and short stories and reports - so it's very readable. Thanks to Marian Rashleigh for all her input into this and to Dave Flowers for the layout and production work.

I went up to Jabre Peak with a policeman from the church yesterday to see the situation after the forest fire. I walked a lot and clambered over rocks like never before! I'm at least pleased that the firefighters managed to contain the fire more than I had thought they had - but the mess is still very sad.

I am now preparing for tonight's Bible study.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Fire seems to be out!

The disastrous forest fire at Jabre Peak finally seems to have been extinguished today, having started last Friday, but we will have to still be wary tomorrow before we can say anything definite. It does now sadly seem that some of the fires, if not all, were arson. Unbelievable!

Last Sunday's baptism was great with Philip baptizing 7 and 2 others were received into fellowship. I preached on baptism too. It was a lovely service.

I interviewed a couple getting married last night. The wedding is this Friday and I have prepared the ceremony today.

I was asked to go and speak to a College about the environment today and that went well. In the morning I will have a coach load of 6 year olds (including granddaughter Bia) at Green Pastures to visit the Nature Reserve. At night I'll be leading the Bible study.

On Saturday I'll be preaching at Ibiara on Saturday and then preaching back in Patos on the Sunday.

On Monday it was grandson John David's (photo below) 15th birthday so we had the traditional cake and pop drink late afternoon. Philip is down with the flu, his son Lucas has broken his arm and his other son Luis has Chicken-pox so it's all happening! Your prayers are valued.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Major Bush Fire at Jabre Peak!

A terrible bush fire developed yesterday afternoon in the special preservation area we have been fighting to save at the Jabre Peak - the highest point in our State. It was probably caused by poachers. The fire burnt all night and the firefighters are up there trying to extinguish remaining fires on the south side of the Peak with the north side almost completely burnt to the ground. It is very sad. I have been heavily involved in coordinating the bringing in of firefighters and police. I had discussions with the State Governor to ask for his support sending reinforcements and this has happened. Please pray for this tragic situation.

Philip's 9 year old son Lucas has broken his arm and has gone to João Pessoa to get it put in plaster as it needs a special procedure to get the bone back in place under sedation. His baby brother Luis is covered in an as yet undiagnosed rash.

My virus just doesn't go away. I keep going but do not feel right. I am now taking a 10-day course of antibiotics. So we value your prayers for one and all here. Tomorrow is the big baptism service!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

New Edition of EAB Magazine in the pipeline

The October 2016 edition of the EAB Magazine 'In Touch' -  No. 86 - has gone to the printer's today. Thanks to Marian Rashleigh and Dave Flowers for all their work on this. Watch your doormats because it will soon be on its way!

Leadership Meeting

We held a very good Patos church leadership meeting last night and 8 were defined for baptism this coming Sunday plus 2 others who will be received into fellowship. Philip will be doing the baptism.

I have spent all morning today preparing the Bible study for this evening in Patos. So was the money in the fish's mouth a tongue in cheek comment or for real? You'll need to get on a plane quick to find out!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

EAB Patos School receives ME prize!

Our Pastor Frank Dyer School in Patos has just received a digital whiteboard (replaces old blackboards) from the Ministry of Education in recognition of our school's exceptional performance once again this year! We praise God for this recognition. To God be the glory!

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Political Earthquake in Patos

Yesterday morning Liz commented to me early that the Patos Town Hall was surrounded by the Federal Police! Slowly the news started emerging that the Patos Mayoress had been removed from her post and the Deputy Mayor has taken up office and sacked the entire previous government! The Mayoress's daughter was arrested, as was her husband, and her ex-husband, who is a State MP and candidate for Mayor again in Patos, had his candidacy banned! The reason given by the police and press is very simple: corruption.

Liz and I are off to Ibiara and Conceição this afternoon. I will be preaching in the latter place this evening. We value your prayers.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Sermons, counselling and travels

I've prepared my sermon for Saturday at Conceição and I am in the process of preparing another one for Patos on Sunday. Liz and I have also done a fair bit of counselling this week. Please pray for our travels at the weekend + the Patos church band who will also be travelling somewhere else to minister. The Kombi is constantly on the road with different groups and ministries. Liz and I have to have a careful agenda for it so as not to get double bookings. 

Tomorrow we are to receive the visit at Green Pastures of Patos's biggest and best school's headteacher + a couple of other teachers who want to take young kids there on visits. This is excellent. There is nothing like Green Pastures anywhere in the region so it is really starting to take off!

Happy Birthday Liz!

Liz is sweet 16 and never been kissed (+ a bit more) today! We've had our traditional family get together and all went off beautifully! Liz is receiving worldwide congratulations for a person much loved by us all.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Great Service in Patos

It's quite amazing how many new people are coming into the Patos church to hear the Gospel. We praise God for the constant flow of new faces. Last night was no exeption with university professors and medical doctors part of the audience. PTL! It was a joy to preach the Gospel and have communion. Such are the numbers that we have had to increase the distribution of the bread and the cup from 2 to 3 people doing it as it was taking too long with just 2. The new system worked well yesterday. The P&W was great and the sermon of a "Ban on Snoozing" (Acts 20:1-12) went lovely. This was the 17th sermon in the series on Paul's missionary journies.

This week we have Independence day on Wednesday and Liz's birthday on Thursday so it's going to be a different week. On Saturday I'm preaching at Conceição on Saturday and back in Patos on Sunday. The church band will be at São Vicente do Seridó on Saturday and also back in Patos for the Sunday.

Please pray for one of our pastors who is suffering with depression.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Important Meetings

I walked at Green Pastures yesterday morning where all is well despite not one drop of rain for three months as the annual drought bites harder and harder.

Following this Liz and I had an excellent meeting with Pastor Oseias (Itaporanga). His church is going wonderfully well. PTL! However the nearby church at Barra de Oitis continues in deep trouble and we had a long discussion and time of prayer about it. We also discussed the painting of the Ibiara manse and the Conceição and Curral Velho churches. 

Later I had a meeting with the Patos Bible College leadership in my advisory role which I now have. The College is going well but needs to improve. We had a long worthwhile discussions.

Tonight I am back to giving the Bible Study in the Patos church.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

South American Raccoon at Green Pastures

Hope you like it!


Saturday saw Philip, Sacha and the Patos church band travelling over 4 hours to minister at the 11th anniversary service of the EAB/ACEV Juá rural church. All went very well and the service was really blessed. We thank God for such dedicated young people.

Saturday was our grandson Arthur's 15th birthday so we had the usual cake and soft drinks all together in the afternoon.

Philip led the Sunday service and Bible College teacher Elaine preached. It was an excellent meeting.

Yesterday I received the visit at Green Pastures of an International Christian Consultant Arturo Menezes at Green Pastures. It was a lovely visit. He has just given a good training course at Princesa Isabel for some of our young leaders which went very well. In yesterday's photo below he is next to me and that is our pastor Lindon Carlos the other side of him.