Saturday, 18 August 2018

Oh dear!!!!!

QPR lost 7 x 1 to West Brom! Unbelievable! Rock bottow of the Championship! Dear me! My correct prediction ratio is now devastated at 33.3% correct. Oh dear! This is going to quite a season! 

Prediction: QPR to draw at West Brom

My prediction for the mighty QPR playing at West Brom today is a draw. I was tempted to say a win, as QPR's track record against WBA is good, but I will err on the side of caution and stick to a draw. So far QPR are at the bottom of the Championship having lost their first 2 matches. My correct prediction ratio is at 50% to date.

Friday, 17 August 2018


The countdown is on and there are five days to go to flying out to the UK. So far we have 66 saying they plan to be at EAB's annual 80th charity auction (with refreshments at 5:30pm) + celebration (at 7pm) on September 29th at Hardley, Southampton. The plan is to get to at least 80 present for the 80th!

All 13 videos to show round the churches are ready in HD format so that is great. All was finished yesterday. Of course we won't show all the videos at each church but we will have plenty of options. Liz and I plan to speak at each church and intermingle this with videos. 

An addition to our itinerary has arisen for which we are happy. This will be in Wales. On Sunday morning, September 16th we will be at BCLC, Cefn Cribwr near Bridgend and now at 5pm we will be at the Bridge Church, Neath, SA11 1RP. 

Liz and I have prepared what we are going to speak on for our first Sunday in the UK (26/08) at Hardley in the morning and West Wellow in the evening and the videos have been chosen. 

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


My prediction for Saturday's game of QPR at home was wrong and we lost rather than win as I had predicted. That puts us at the bottom of the league after two games! Not good. However the League Cup match today was better with QPR winning 2 x 0 against Peterborough from a division below. If they hadn't beaten them it would have been serious.

Father's Day Service

Our Father's Day Service went very well. It was a good day in God's house.

We press on with all our preparation for our flights to the UK a week tomorrow. We have two important events here this weekend with a women's Christian Conference at Green Pastures and a Conference of the Deaf all day Saturday in the Patos church.

All 12 short videos for our tour of churches have been completed and just need to be put on memory sticks in HD format. The one final 13 minute video for the annual celebration is nearly ready too. I just need to record the narration tomorrow and then that will be finalized too.

My campaign to get a good number to the EAB 80th Annual Celebration is going well with 55 signed up to date and many yet to answer. We've got to have at least 80 on the 80th anniversary or more!

Liz's Aunt Rosemary is with the Lord

On Sunday (12th) Liz's dear Aunt Rosemary passed into the presence of the Lord aged 89. She was the last in a line of 8 brothers and sisters part of which was Liz's Dad Frank Dyer. All were children of Tom & Louisa Dyer. We praise God for Rosemary's wonderful Christian life and testimony. According to the doctors she should have died years ago but she lived to a ripe old age in the service of God leading Bethel Chapel at Verwood in Dorset.

I will have the honour of conducting the funeral on Monday, September 10th at 11:30 am (subject to confirmation).

Saturday, 11 August 2018

QPR Forecast to Win!

I hereby notify to all and sunder that I predict that today QPR will win at home against Sheffield United. In the first match of the season I predicted correctly that we would lose. We will see what happens.

We are flat out here preparing for our trip to Europe a week on Wednesday. As you can see on this blog I am doing all I can to get maximum numbers present so please help us! I have also sent lots of invitations and confirmation requests via Facebook on EAB's page and on my own. I have done the same via email to many. I am glad that answers are coming in but await more.

The 12 short videos are completely ready now for showing round the churches. Just the longerish one to do now for the Celebration. 

I will be preaching tomorrow in Patos on Father's Day. The sermon is prepared and ready to roll.

Did some counselling too yesterday. It went well.