Tuesday, 29 September 2020


 I finished reading a book on the Trinity by Roger Forster today. I quite enjoyed it. It's a challenging subject to put it mildly! The emphasis on the dynamic nature of the trinity was very helpful as was the emphasis on worship.

I have prepared this week's Bible Study on Acts 15. The focus of the chapter is on the Council held in Jerusalem which sought to lay to rest the constant efforts by the Judaizers' efforts to impose Jewish law on gentile converts to Christianity. Gentile Christians were growing greatly in number all over the place.

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Sunday service

 Our main Sunday service will start shortly. It will be strange without Philip, but Sacha will be now leading the band. I will be preaching on Philippians 3:1-11 and value your prayers.

Philip and family are safely installed in their Basingstoke house after a long grueling journey. They are exhausted but fine. Our tremendous thanks go to Ben & Miriam Price for all they have done in support for Philip and Gylmara. We now pray for a incident free two weeks of quarantine. 

Saturday, 26 September 2020

On their way

 I set my alarm this morning for 04.45 am. Philip slept at our house so we could call him. The large car taking him to João Pessoa airport with 11 cases (2 per person and 1 extra) arrived an hour later and they left at 06:04 am. His wife Gylmara and the 3 children had been in João Pessoa with her family since Thursday. 

All met up at the airport for the 13:30 flight to São Paulo. They have to wait now for the London flight which is due to leave just before midnight. They should be at Heathrow at 15:05 on Sunday afternoon and then need to get to Basingstoke. They then of course will have 2 weeks of quarantine at their house. Fortunately for them they have great friends in Ben and Miriam Price who live at Basingstoke and who will sort their shopping etc. So we value your prayers for Philip & family at this time.

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Philip flies out this Saturday

 This week is a sad one for us as our son Philip and family move back to the UK. We will be calling in at their house in a while to say goodbye to his wife Gylmara and their 3 children Louisa, Lucas and Luis as they will leaving for João Pessoa in the morning where Gylmara's family live. Philip will go straight to the João Pessoa airport on Saturday morning where the rest of the family will join him. Philip will be taking all the cases. The logistics of a family of 5 is quite a challenge! They will fly out of João Pessoa this Saturday at 13:30 and go to São Paulo. There they will get the overnight flight to Heathrow where they will arrive on Sunday afternoon. Please pray for Philip and his family as they go into two weeks quarantine in Basingstoke where they have rented a house. Their period of adaptation promises to be quite a challenge.  

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Fires under control

The bush fires on the western edge of Patos have been brought under control. It would seem that the largest threat to houses, lives and animals in and around Patos has been solved although the fires still burn in the neighbouring County of Santa Teresinha which is further west. There are reported to be some extra smaller fires which have started thought to be arson. There are always arsonists around it is sad to say. So thanks to all for their prayers.

Sadly Sunday night's online service did not take place owing to the failure of the internet. It was a frustrating night as everyone battled to get things working but it was impossible.

As from October 4th our services will be a mixture of online and in person as we will then have a young assistant pastor called Rafael with us who is not in a Covid high risk group. Rafael will be replacing Philip who together with his family are going to England this Saturday. Philip will be greatly missed and we are sad he is going, but such is life. We pray that God will bless them in the UK.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Major Fire

Yesterday afternoon we noticed the sunshine was a strange colour and it was only when we drove out to Green Pastures that we saw why through our mirrors. We could see huge columns of smoke west of Patos. We have now learnt that the fire started on Sunday in Santa Teresinha County and has been raging and spreading ever since. It has spread into the rural area of Patos too and has already killed lots of animals. The Fire Fighters have called up help from all over the State. It is a very dangerous and tragic situation. It hasn't rained here at all for months so the bush catching fire easily happens. Added to this it is quite windy and we have temperatures of 37 degrees every afternoon. Please pray!

Friday, 18 September 2020

Difficult times

 Sometimes things happen in the work which are very disheartening. Yesterday Tarcísio, who used to take care of Green Pastures and lead the church there, abruptly left following the death of his wife on Sunday. I feel very disappointed and sad about this. I counselled him against this knee-jerk reaction, wanting to be away from all that reminds him of Maria, but he would not listen. He was adamant. I know these are difficult days for Tarcísio but the fact is that he has gone and it's hard to come to terms with things after 30 years with him taking care of things and leading the local EAB/ACEV church at Green Pastures.

I do ask you for special prayer at this time for Tarcísio and family. I also ask for prayer for us as we look for the way forward in the light of what has happened.

Last night's Bible Study went well and we covered Acts 14:1-18. My head was in a bit of tizwaz with all the happenings, but we made it and the Lord blessed.