Friday, 29 May 2020

On line work gathering speed!

Our Patos church is getting more and more into the online gear. We now have 4 slots on a Sunday, 1 on a Tuesday, another on a Thursday and another on a Saturday. We have one daily slot too at midday. Tuesday night's online prayer meeting saw 20 taking part for 2 hours! Last night's online Bible study, via Google Meet, saw me give the study for 41 people including pastors from our João Pessoa - Boa Esperança, Matureia, Teixeira and Juazeirinho churches as well as Patos foll. The Sunday main service has lots of the members from our Imaculada church and Curral Velho church joining us. PTL!

I have done 2 good Green Pastures walks this week. On Monday I walked for 4.3 km and yesterday I walked 3 km. These walks are both good for me physically as well as refreshing me spiritually and psychologically. There is nothing like walking in the "garden" of God's creation and nature. It blesses me inside and out!

Next week is International Environment Week, as the International Day for the Environment will be on Friday, June 5th. I will be taking part in two nationwide events organized by which is an international Christian Movement to mobilize Christians environmentally and increase awareness of the need for action by the church. I will be taking part live in online events on Monday (1st) and Saturday (6th). Please pray!

Monday, 25 May 2020

Good service

I hope you can get to have a look at last night's church broadcast which even has a bit of English in it for the non-Portuguese speakers!

The service was lovely and thousands of people tuned in and were blessed. PTL!

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Today's broadcast

I am happy to announce that today I will be back on our live transmission together with Liz, Philip & Louisa. I will be speaking on 1 Peter 2:4-5 and then on John 21:1-6 a bit later. Please pray for us. The transmission is from our Patos church Facebook page at

The transmission starts at 6:30 pm our time (10:30 pm BST) but you can always watch the recording tomorrow if you fall asleep!

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Prayer Update


1.        We pray against Covid 19. Brazil is now where the virus is spreading fastest in the world!
2.        We pray for a change in attitude from the government so as to take the virus seriously following scientific
            guidelines in national unity.
3.        We pray for the poor who EAB ministers to and who stand in great need at this time.
4.        We pray for those of ACEV who have Covid 19: Elizionaldo up in the mountains at Matureia and El. at Campina
            Grande. Marah Danielle (Patos) and family  awaiting test confirmation. 82 year
            old father of church leader Tica (Curral Velho) confirmed positive.
5.        We pray for John and Liz under tremendous stress at this time and for all the EAB teams of workers.
6.        We pray for a true spiritual revival as a result of this pandemic.
7.        We pray for atheists and agnostics now being forced to think about the meaning of life – that we might reach
            them with and for Jesus.
8.        We pray for EAB folk and friends on the front line of battle against Covid 19 as professional health workers.
            Protect and strengthen them and fill them with supernatural strength and compassion.
9.        Help the authorities to develop a vaccine quickly and discover adequate treatment.
10.      We pray for all suffering mental stress in these exceptional times.
11.      We especially pray for the poor in the area of EAB’s work. We pray for the poor who today face inadequate
           health facilities owing to long term corruption which had syphoned of funds for personal things.
12.      We pray for sufficient funding at this time of crisis for EAB as we seek to feed the hungry and poor, broadcast
            and counsel via internet etc etc.
13.      Please pray for situations of extreme domestic violence which have erupted in one or two churches under the
            stress of lockdown.
14.      We pray for the protection and feeding of EAB’s very poor action children at our schools.
15.      We pray for God’s help to help the landless and homeless.
16.      Please help John, Liz and EAB to take hope to the hopeless without God.
17.      Bless and keep all our pastors and leaders – together with all our church members.
18.      We pray for our youth who struggle to understand this new world we are in and we pray for the seniors and
19.       We pray for our ex-son-in-law Cleytson who has Covid 19. Two of his sons are our grandsons Felipe and
20.       Please pray for an atheist I am evangelizing in the middle of all this.

With love,

John & Liz

PS – Please do join our daily John & Liz / EAB prayer times from 9.30 pm UK time if you can.

Fastest on the Planet

Click here to see the latest sad news from Brazil!

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Sad day for Patos

Dr Orlando Damascena delivered Sacha at birth and also delivered Sacha's daughter Bia when she was born. Today he sadly died as yet another victim of this awful Covid 19. 

Brazil is now the third country worst affected by this virus and will soon be second. Please pray.

Pray without ceasing

Three more have joined the EAB prayer group which prays for us and EAB every evening from 9.30 pm to 10 pm. We are very encouraged and grateful. So far we have:

1. Joy Levermore
2. Laurence Levermore (High Wycombe)
3. Jean Medcraft-North
4. Dr. Liz Williams (Basingstoke)
5. Steve Oakley
6. Lisa Oakley (London)
7. Peter Court
8. Vanessa Court (Weston Super Mare)
9. Marian Rashleigh (Southampton)

If you could join the group please send me an email at