Monday, 30 March 2015

Full weekend

The Lord gave us a good weekend all round. My results from exams done earlier last week in João Pessoa were all good. PTL! The service last night was excellent. We are getting so many people in that it is difficult to keep up with so many constantly new faces. PTL! It is wonderful to see some really transformed lives now joyfully serving God! PTL! Thank you for your prayers and support.

The Patos youth went to Teixeira at the weekend and held a good service with Philip preaching. The Christians in Action group also were blessed at Ipueira in Rio Grande do Norte State. At Soledade 3 came to Christ in a special impact weekend. News is in too of blessings at Conceição, Juá and Campina Grande. PTL!

We now have our UK trip all sorted so we are now seeking to sort out a vehicle. Any ideas? We will not need it for the north-east and Scotland as we will be doing those places by train and we may go to Wales by train too. Thus we need a vehicle for our travels in the south of England. Please pray.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

State-wide TV report on EAB/ACEV Action School at Campina Grande

This is such a beautiful report that I am posting it despite many not speaking Portuguese to understand it - but you can get the gist by watching the report. This is a wonderful demonstration of true Christian service to very poor kids.

I have completed my sermon preparation for tomorrow and am ready to roll! "I am the true vine" (John 15:1-17). Your prayers are valued.

The youth are in Teixeira tonight ministering there and the Christians in Action group are in Ipueira. The deaf are at the Care Centre.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Steady rain

We are grateful to God for steady rain every day since last Saturday totalling nearly 5 inches of rain. The Green Pastures lake has taken in some water and the wide-mouth well levels have risen a lot. The newly planted 3,500+ tree seedlings are looking great. 

The Bible study last night went very well. Numbers were up even more than usual. It was a blessed night of prayer, praise, testimonies and the Word.

I am now preparing my sermon for this Sunday in Patos and I need to prepare for the following weekend which will be Easter. Tonight Liz and I have to do a session of marriage counselling with a couple and there will also be a seminar for the Bible College students working on combatting violence against women. Your prayers are valued.

Euro trip full steam ahead!

Our trip to Europe is now fully organized and all the church bookings have been duly confirmed. God willing things will be as follows:

August 30 Hardley am

September 6 Thamesmead am / 13 Bristol Ivy am + Bristol PHC pm / 14-19 Switzerland / 20 Cadnam am / 27 Great Lumley am + Bishop Auckland pm / 29 Horden

October 1 Hylton Castle / 4 Larbert / 11 Millbrook am + West Wellow (pm) / 14 Shirley Warren / 18 Verwood am / 25 Danbury

November 1 Cefn Cribwr.

We look forward to seeing everyone and value your prayers. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Liz and I have just got back from a 2-day trip to João Pessoa. We went for me to do a routine medical check-up and took the opportunity to visit Cesário, Euda and family who were part of the Patos church years back. It was a lovely encouraging meeting. 

Rain continues to fall steadily at Green Pastures. PTL! We've had some rain every day since Saturday. I will have more precise details after going there tomorrow.

The final outstanding ministry engagement for our UK trip in the late summer/autumn has now been confirmed. PTL!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Damp Sunday

We have had about a further two thirds of an inch of rain this afternoon/night to add to the one third yesterday. PTL! This is so good for the trees planted and we will now get on and plant the rest this week. Of course we need much more abundant rain to fill reservoirs but it is a step in the right direction.

The service tonight in Patos had a good number present but less than usual owing to the rain. The service was good and the sermon went well with quite a few hands raised at the end for prayer.

Liz and I travel to João Pessoa tomorrow to visit an elderly couple who used to be members of the Patos church- Cesário and Euda. On the Tuesday I will be having some routine medical exams done.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Singles Ministry

The launch of the new singles and divorced ministry got off to a lovely start last night. It was really good. Some really opened up their hearts. It made it quite clear to us how right we were to insist on starting this ministry. Please pray.

Please pray for my sermon tomorrow in the Patos church. I am looking forward to preaching. What a responsibility it is preaching God's Word. I discovered this week how last week's sermon was a lifeline to two people and I had no idea until a few days later. PTL!

A little rain

We are rejoicing even though it wasn't much rain tonight, but the way this rainy season is not happening then one third of an inch of rain is such a relief at Green Pastures this evening. PTL! This drop of rain will be a life-saver to many of the trees we planted a couple of weeks back. I estimate that 10% of the 1,800 planted thus far are now dead or on the way there - but we need to save the 90%. If we get more rain in the night and tomorrow then we will be able to plant the rest of the trees awaiting planting next week. It's a risk, but life in this semi-arid region is a risk and challenge! We have to go for it as it's no good waiting for ideal times!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Bible Study

The Bible study went very well last night and my sermon for Sunday is ready. Mark 1:1-20. "The 180º Jesus"!

The BBC is forecasting rain for our region tonight and tomorrow night as well. I really do hope and pray they are correct as we are 71% down on where we were on this date last year.

We launch a new ministry for singles tonight in a restaurant. We feel we owe them the prodigal son's treatment like when he returned home. Not that they are prodigals but because the church tends to neglect older singles and divorced people.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


I have just had a scan of my thyroid and will get the results tomorrow. This is a routine check up as the last scan was done about 18 months ago.

Liz is away with Lynn, John David & Arthur. They will be back tomorrow.

Still no rain here. The situation is getting increasingly serious. Remember that we had a nearly 3 year drought and then had rain in the first half of 2014. This was good but nowhere near enough to fill up reservoirs. The government says that in the sertão interior of Paraíba the reservoirs are now at the lowest levels in history as we have had very little rain this year. We desperately need rain at Green Pastures where we are trying to plant about 4,000 trees.

I am preparing my sermon for Sunday on Mark chapter 1. I need to prepare the Bible study for tomorrow night too.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Bright & Early

It was lovely to be met at the gate by some of the children from our Green Pastures Action School when I arrived there at 7am this morning. Bless their hearts. They come from the local farm workers and small holding families. 

One child had been followed to school by his pet parakeet. So when I looked up after taking this photo of the group I saw this!

I had a nice time of Bible reading far from phone and interruptions whilst at Green Pastures. This set me on course for my sermon preparation for Sunday once I got back to Patos.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Brazil's political upheaval

You will probably have heard about all the protests in Brazil against the newly re-elected government. I have said nothing about this to date as I am not sure what to say. The thing is that the country is divided down the middle politically with the current government re-elected by a narrow majority. It strikes me that partially those who lost the election are who are now protesting.

It is undeniable too that there are problems with serious corruption in government, but that is no new problem in Brazil unfortunately. We are of course against corruption from any source and must stand against it. However we must not be naive and manipulated by sections of the press who have supported the defeated candidate from day one.

It strikes me that the current re-elected government has done undeniable good for the poor and as this increases it gets increasingly under the skin of the rich. That has a lot to do with all this turbulence I suspect, but we will watch and pray.

Another factor in the present political crisis in Brazil is the economy which was doing great when in Europe and the USA things were bad. Now it's the other way round as recession kicks in here. Electricity, for example, has just gone up in price by one third! Wow! That's enough to make anyone protest!

Liz brings an emotional challenge

Liz brought a beautiful message to the Patos church last night about the life of the 24 year old young woman from our church who died last week. It was a terrific challenge. Really blessed.

The whole service went great last night with the church packed out as usual. The sermon on John 14:6 went very well too and we presented the latest 3 young women who have completed their sign language training course with their certificates.

After the service Liz and I were involved in umpteen meeting with different people and groups wanting to speak to us. These meetings are becoming more and more common and numerous with Liz talking to some groups and me to others. It's good to have a keen church. 

It was lovely to see 2 ladies who came all the way from our church plant at Ipueira in Rio Grande do Norte State to be at the service in Patos last night. PTL!

We are badly needing rain. Please pray. The situation is getting more and more serious yet again.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Oh well!

QPR managed to get one goal back in the second half from a scorer I predicted so at the end of the day my lead at the top of the QPR prediction league, may actually have incresed! We will see. The goal was brilliant but what good does that do when we lost?

This afternoon we have a drama group workshop teaching and evaluating those who would like to join this ministry in the Patos church. This evening we have the Christians in Action group continuing their great work at Ipueira in Rio Grande do Norte State planting a church there. Then there will also be the Deaf and Youth fellowships meeting + the married couples' ministry is putting on a seminar for parents - so there's never a dull moment at our church.

In the morning we have Sunday School at 9.30am and the main Celebration of the week at 6.30pm. We value your prayers for all going on this weekend. My sermon is ready for tomorrow night.

This blog has now passed the 135,500 visitors mark so many thanks. My nature photos and films at have now passed the 167,000 viewings mark. Wow! Many thanks!

That's it! Going down!

Oh dear - a chance to watch QPR on Brazilian TV and what do I get? At half-time we are already losing 3 x 0 against the "mighty" Crystal Palace! Whatever glimmer of hope for survival in the Premiership now vanishes. The suicidal all out attack do or die approach today has clearly defined die!

I predicted a 3 x 3 draw for this match... which would need nothing other than a miracle!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Birds that sing in the night

For those of you interested in these sort of things you might like to know that I have now photographed 4 species of Nightjars - Pigmy, Little, Rufous and Scissor-tailed and I have also photographed 2 species of Nighthawks - Least and Nacunda. As well as these I have also photographed the Pauraque which is a Nighthawk/Jar of some sort but has this different name for some reason or other. So in all I have clicked 7 species of Nightjars and Nighthawks. I don't know about you, but I like that! If you have never experienced being in the dead of night in the silent woods hearing these birds you have really missed something. God's creation is utterly wonderful in every detail!


Liz got back exhausted from her trip to the funeral at Princesa Isabel whilst I was giving the Bible study in the Patos church. Numbers were down with the funeral and all that, but the study went particularly well. PTL!

I have just had my hair cut, you will have noted?

In the service on Sunday in Patos I will be presenting the latest 3 certificates to people who have completed the year's training course we run in sign language for the deaf. This is very good as they will be more folk to boost this important ministry.

I have just been interviewed by a journalist for an FM radio in the middle of typing this... and so my life goes on!

Thursday, 12 March 2015


The funeral of the young woman from the church who died yesterday will be conducted by Pastor Gersé at Princesa Isabel where she was originally from, in about an hour's time. Liz and Gylmara have taken car loads of people from the Patos church in support. I have stayed to conduct the Bible study in Patos this evening.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Taiane is with the Lord

Taiane - a young woman in her early twenties - had been on a kidney machine for years and her hope was to have a transplant. She was a faithful member of the Patos church where she never moaned, never got depressed, was always ready for door to door evangelism and the likes, despite her difficult life and wretched bad health. She was an example to us all.

Taiane was on the kidney machine treatment late this afternoon when she became dramatically worse. It was then that we were called and got involved. She died shortly afterwards. She was originally from Princesa Isabel so I think she will be buried there tomorrow. Please pray for the family and the whole situation.

Young woman from Patos church rushed into hospital

We are in the middle of a panic situation with Taiane from our Patos church, who normal depends on a kidney machine 3 days a week, having suddenly become far worse - rushed into hospital and is entubated in intensive care. I am not fully clear on all the story but just ask everyone to pray please. Philip is flying to one side of town and Liz to the other helping out.

Sermon ready for Sunday

I have prepared my sermon for Sunday today - on Wednesday! Hallelujah!

I have also had the computer technician in a couple of times. He has fixed me up with software which enables me to see what is on the church big screen on my mobile phone. This should be really useful. He has also fixed me up with an external keyboard for my laptop as the original laptop keyboard has given up the ghost and was nearly driving me insane sticking and missing letters etc. 

I have also been working on the Ministry to the Deaf and a new ministry we are to launch for the single and divorced. This I feel is a greatly neglected group within churches - often discriminated, considered a joke even and often void of pastoral care.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

EAB Magazine now available online

You can read the latest edition 84 of the EAB magazine "InTouch" on the EAB website at

We had another 2/3rds of an inch of rain at Green Pastures yesterday so when I went there this morning all the trees we are planting looked good and we are getting on planting lots more. We need a lot more rain for the reservoirs but for the tree planting things need to keep ticking over like they are. The university professor giving us guidance in all the planting has gone there this afternoon. 

At about 50 feet high, on top of one of our many Trumpet Trees, I discovered a nest of Rufescent Tiger Herons this morning and a nest of Crane Hawks. Wonderful!

I have been for a scan on my shoulder/upper arm this afternoon. It is getting slowly easier but the doctor insists on discovering exactly what went wrong to give me such a lot of prolonged pain.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Service went great!

My sermon on Jesus' attitude to women + OT & NT approaches probably didn't go down too well with the male chauvanists last night, but all went off well. It was a lovely service. PTL!

I went to the doctor's this morning with my gammy shoulder/arm. He thinks I've damaged a tendon but has asked for an MRI to rule out other possibilities.

No further rain has arrived and we badly need it.

Look at this fantastic video of a Tiger Heron about 3 feet tall at Green Pastures last week. Fantastic!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Wedding conducted... now to preach!

I have been in a lot of intense pain these past few days having tweeked muscles in my shoulder and upper arm. Despite this I managed to conduct the wedding of Josinete's son Wesley near João Pessoa last night with Liz driving. We slept the night at Campina Grande and have now got back to Patos.

I am ready to lead the service in Patos and preach as well. Being International Women's Day my sermon will be built around the theme of Jesus' liberating positive approach to women as also reflected in the early church.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Rain stopped Pray!

We have had a wonderful two inches of rain this evening at Green Pastures. We are ecstatic! This is equal to the two inches received to date this year... so now we've had four inches! PTL!

It has been madness this evening. The prayer and Bible study was cancelled as nobody could get there in the pouring rain. Then I had to organize things with the university to start planting the seedlings tomorrow at Green Pastures and there are the last load to go out there from the university nursery so a truck has been arranged. Joyful mayhem!

I have also been pressing on with my sermon for Sunday. Help!

Update on our European itinerary

I am happy to present an update on our itinerary with some further confirmations:

August - 30 Hardley am (confirmed)

September - 6 Thamesmead am (confirmed) / 13 Bristol Ivy am (confirmed) + Bristol PHC pm / 14-19 Switzerland (confirmed) / 20 Cadnam am / 27 Great Lumley am + Bishop Auckland pm / 29 Horden

October - 1 - Hylton Castle (confirmed) / 4 Larbert (confirmed) / 11 Millbrook am + West Wellow (pm) confirmed / 14 Shirley Warren (confirmed) / 18 Verwood am / 25 Danbury
November - 1 Cefn Cribwr

I could feel better

The night before last I had a nasty glucose low out of the blue in the middle of the night. It demands swift action and leaves you drained.

I have prepared the wedding for Saturday and am now working on tonight's Bible study and then Sunday's sermon. 

We need to crank up the rain prayers as things are dodgy here again with the rainy season just not materializing. We have only had 56 mm at Green Pastures and up at Jabre Peak they have only had 30 mm. The situation is getting serious again. We have over 3,000 tree seedlings ready to plant but with no rain no plant!

Liz has been counselling a deaf couple with marriage problems via an interpreter. Please pray.

The teenagers did some lovely work this week distributing food to street people. It was entirely their initiative - bless their hearts!

QPR lost again last night at home to Arsenal. Things are looking increasingly gloomy. Nevertheless I remain in 1st place in the QPR prediction league - 12 points clear at the top!

I have had some replies concerning our speaking engagements for the autumn in Europe, but I will only be able to give a more definitive itinerary when I have received more replies.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

UK Itinerary 2015 (2)

Please note that the initial itinerary outline below is only provisional and subject to adjustments as necessary. Some churches have already confirmed but one so far has asked for a different date - so we are seeing how this re-shuffle can be accomplished. Watch this space.

Monday, 2 March 2015

UK Itinerary 2015

As mentioned in previous communications Liz and I plan to go to Europe this late summer/autumn (DV) in place of what we had planned for 2014 but which was postponed owing to my ill health. Today I sent out an email to churches we had been booked for last year and I have followed the same schedule as lined up for 2014 to make things simpler - and I am waiting to hear from these churches to know if the new dates are alright for them. I hope this will work out for everyone, but if it doesn't then we will have to do some shuffling. I have already received some positive responses which I have marked accordingly. So this is the plan:

August - 30 Hardley am (confirmed)

September - 6 Thamesmead am (confirmed) / 13 Bristol Ivy am + Bristol PHC pm / 14-19 Switzerland (confirmed) / 20 Cadnam am / 27 Great Lumley am + Bishop Auckland pm / 28 Horden / 29 Hylton Castle

October - 4 Larbert / 11 Millbrook am + West Wellow (pm) confirmed / 14 Shirley Warren / 18 Verwood am / 25 Danbury

November - 1 Cefn Cribwr

Please kindly confirm your dates if you are on this list, via and if anyone is not on the list and wants to be, then please contact us at the same address. The airfares we already have, kept back from last year. All we need is a vehicle to get us around. We will be based between London and Basingstoke as usual and value your prayers for this whole venture.

A Good Weekend

Liz and I received the visit of 2 university professors from Recife this weekend at Green Pastures. Both are biologists (PhD & MSc). We knew Ana Carolina years ago prior to her going to Durham University for her master's degree. Her husband we knew less previously. He is an ornithologist. They brought their 10-year old daughter with them so we took granddaughter Alice and Bia to play with her. It was a lovely weekend and I learnt so much from a professional ornithologist. They loved Green Pastures.

We were back in church for Sunday in Patos and the Communion service was greatly blessed. The sermon went well and at the end three people made commitments to Christ and another three re-dedicated their lives to the Lord. The church is so full these days always. It's lovely.

Today I have worked on a number of ACEV administrative issues and also have sent out the proposed itinerary for our trip to the UK which I will post separately. Ben & Miriam Price have been in today from Ibiara so it was nice to see them again.

I need to prepare for a wedding on Saturday which I am conducting at a place between Campina Grande and João Pessoa. It is Josinete's eldest son who is getting married. I also need to prepare the Bible study for Thursday and my sermon for Sunday as it's a busy week again for sure. We value your prayers always.