Monday, 31 August 2015

First weekend was blessed in the UK

On Friday we picked up our rented vehicle for the 10 weeks here. Then on Saturday we went to Ipley for a lovely welcome cream tea at which there were 70 present.

Yesterday we were at the Lighthouse Community Church at Hardley and that went off lovely too. Today we have been to see my Mum again and she called me by my name for the first time which was rather nice!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Cream Tea Welcome

Please be with us this Saturday for an EAB welcome cream tea at Ipley in the New Forest. Everyone is invited and welcome! It will be in the afternoon. Contact for further details

Good Trip & First Day in UK

The flights over to the UK from Brazil were fine. The longer one from Brazil to Portugal was as smooth as sailing on a pond. The latter was rougher with a routine boring delay at Heathrow going round in circles in heavy bumpy clouds waiting for a landing slot. Anyway we finally made it and were met by Liz's sister Eunice and her husband Jon + Neil and Naomi Parsons who took us to Basingstoke via a mammoth traffic jam.

At Basingstoke we were received by my sister Jean + my nephew David plus Marian Rashleigh. We had a lovely time of fellowship talking about the work in Brazil and eating!

Today we went to visit my 90 year old Mum which was a lovely and emotional moment. PTL all went well. Mum was all nicely dressed and with her nails and hair done for the occasion. Liz took the photo.


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

This is the day!

We leave Patos in four and half hours time. Now getting all the last minute bits and pieces together prior to having lunch and heading for the airport. Somebody will be taking us there.

Last night I got to bed at 12.40am and Liz about 2am. So much to do.

I managed to finish the evangelistic presentation for Larbert, Scotland yesterday so this means the main presentation is ready + the AGM presentation and now this evangelistic one. I just need to work on the break down for one church which wants 10 minutes + 15 minutes + 15 minutes presentations - so a matter of just figuring out how best to divide what we already have and then make the divisions.

The final parts of the EAB website have been brought up to date (Projects + How can I help?) so this means amidst everything else I've managed to update the entire EAB website which had been long over due.

Praise the Lord we are now looking forward to the flights and seeing everyone in Europe.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Put the kettle on Jean!

Tomorrow we leave for Blighty and look forward to our first cup of tea in the UK in 4 years!

The service last night was lovely and the dedication of Amanda Ivy went off beautifully. It was nice to see Lynn's husband Hutan's family there. The sermon went well too. The church was packed out.

Now it's more preparations for services in the UK. At the moment I'm about half way through Larbert's Sunday morning evangelistic presentation. We leave Patos this Tuesday at 1pm (5pm UK time).

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Off to church in Patos for the last time till November!

It's been a stressful day sorting out church problems for hours. It's a pity some things had to blow up right now, but such is the life of a pastor.

I feel relaxed now anyway and am looking forward very much to dedicating our 8th grandchild Amanda Ivy shortly as well as laying hands on Philip and his other co-leaders who will lead the church for the next 10 weeks in our absence. I also look forward to preaching the Gospel tonight too. I love preaching the Word!

Liz and I had an excellent meeting this afternoon with Tarcísio and his wife Maria who came in to discuss church matters at Green Pastures with us. It was a lovely positive meeting.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Oh Boy!

I can't even get through the farewell service and problems with church people already have cropped up today! Oh Lord! People will wreck all else, it seems, to have power! And that is not spiritual power! Oh well... we press on. Emergency meeting with the involved tomorrow morning! I value your prayers, but sorry I can't go into details.

Thursday night's Bible Study was fine. Two young women shared from the Word in such an encouraging way. PTL! Then yesterday morning I checked over things at Green Pastures and left instructions for the weeks ahead. My son-in-law Hutan (Lynn's husband) will be doing weekly checks for me whilst we're away. There will be the Youth Conference there in October so we've already left all the cleaning materials ready for the team to clean up before and after.

Today I've completed my sermon preparation for this Sunday and prepared for the dedication of our granddaughter Amanda Ivy which I will also be conducting tomorrow. We will also be especially laying hands on Philip as he takes on the great responsibility of leading the Patos headquarters church over the next 10 weeks and praying for the leadership team who will support him.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Public Prosecutor, Bible Study & Nutshell

The meeting with the Public Prosecutor in Teixeira yesterday lasted 2 hours and was superb. Wow! Things seem to be moving! The State Governor has mentioned me twice on State-wide radio this week on the issue of Jabre Peak. What a battle! The earth is the Lord's!

I sent out the EAB Nutshell Update today so that is good and the Bible study went great tonight. Final meeting in Patos on Sunday and then we're off to Blighty. Marian kindly sorted our train tickets today which were worked out by Roy - so that is good. I have bought a joint railcard for Liz and I online tonight! Feeling quite British! I need to prepare my sermon for Sunday and will dedicate Amanda Ivy too at the service.

I'm going for my last visit to Green Pastures in the morning prior to the trip. So much still to do with more presentations to prepare etc.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New Wild Cat Film Today!

A beautiful 30 second film of a Wild Cat at Green Pastures was captured today. Absolutely beautiful!

I have just finished the AGM presentation so that is a relief. I am getting there. Thank you for your prayers. I sure need them.

Two of our grandchildren, Louisa and Arthur, gave short messages to the Teens Prayer Meeting tonight. PTL! Wonderful!

One week to Lift-off!

We are scheduled to leave Patos a week today at 5pm (UK time) - travelling to Lisbon overnight and then on to London Heathrow, with scheduled arrival time of 12.45 pm (Terminal 2). EAB Board member Dave Shearing has kindly said he will meet us and take us to Basingstoke.

Our Europe itinerary schedule has been again added to and now is as follows:

Aug. 29: Ipley - New Forest - Welcome Cream Tea - everyone welcome! pm (contact: Aug. 30: Hardley Lighthouse Community Church am
Sep. 06: Thamesmead Baptist am Sep. 08: Liz's birthday! Sep. 12: Ledbury (personal visit to Mrs. Yoakley age 96 - ex Peniel Chapel member) Sep. 13: Bristol Ivy Church am / Bristol PHC pm Sep. 14 - 19: Switzerland Sep. 20: Cadnam Methodist Sep. 23: Shirley Warren Baptist Sep. 26: Train London > Durham Sep. 27: Great Lumley am / Bishop Auckland pm Sep. 29: Horden
Oct. 01: Hylton Castle Oct. 02: Train Durham > Larbert Oct. 3-4: Larbert AOG Oct. 5: Train Larbert > London Oct. 11: Millbrook CC am / West Wellow Chapel pm Oct. 12: My Mum's 91st birthday! Oct. 14: Dibden Purlieu Methodist pm Oct. 17: EAB AGM pm Oct. 18: Verwood Chapel am Oct. 19-23: Rutland Water region  Oct. 25: Danbury Mission am + pm. Oct. 28: Basingstoke Christ Church Anglican pm Nov. 01: Cefn Cribwr am / Bristol Lawrence Weston Community Church pm Nov. 03: Return to Brazil 

Church in Patos on Sunday went very well. PTL! I am now working on the EAB AGM presentation which of course has to be totally different from the general one. I have to go and see the Public Prosecutor in Teixeira tomorrow leaving home about 6.30 am. It's the last thing I needed with all I've got on but I have no choice as he has taken on board our fight to save Jabre Peak Nature Reserve and is about to set in motion legal action to force the State Government to do what we are rightly fighting for! May the Lord help us!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

I'm back from Glory!

There can't be many preachers that can say that they preached in Glory and returned! However this was my experience yesterday as I travelled up the mountains to open the new little EAB/ACEV church at Glória (Glory) Community in the rural area of Imaculada County. 3rd year (of 4) Bible College student Ricardo went with me from the Patos church together with his wife and social worker Marah Danielle.

The service was held outside the church in the shade from the sun afforded by the new building. I preached and it went well. The local ladies sang a few songs and the P&W group from the Imaculada main church led the general praise. At the end of the thanksgiving service we untied the ribbon and all went in rejoicing to the little church where I conducted a dedicatory pray. It was a lovely event. It was just very tiring for me with all I have on, but it had to be done.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

I am going to Glory!

I will be leaving shortly to preach at the Opening of the new little Glória (Glory) Community church in Imaculada County. I should never have accepted this engagement with all I have on, but it's too late now. It's a fair old drive up the mountains being the far side of Imaculada. At least I'll be able to say that I preached in Glory!

I have just finished preparing the basic general presentation with PowperPoint for the UK. That is a relief! This is a full general overlook of the work here especially focusing on the past 4 years since we were in the UK last in 2011. However now I need to start on the AGM presentation (any suggestions?) now which has to be different. For Scotland I need to work on an evangelistic version of my presentation as well as prepare a talk for couples. Also for Danbury I need to split the presentation into 3 sections of 10 + 15 + 15 minutes which shouldn't be too difficult to do. Your prayers are valued for all this. There's a lot of preparation work needed for a tour of the UK churches!

I have asked Pastor Oseias to come in tomorrow to preach in Patos for me so that I could get on with all I have to do. I will lead the service. Philip took the Bible study for me on Thursday so that I could get on with things.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

2 Weeks today we land in the UK

To say I am rushed off my feet would be the understatement of the century. Here is the tour schedule with some small alterations:

Aug. 29: Ipley - New Forest - Welcome Cream Tea - everyone welcome! pm (contact:
Aug. 30: Hardley Lighthouse Community Church am
Sep. 06: Thamesmead Baptist am Sep. 08: Liz's birthday! Sep. 12: Ledbury (personal visit to Mrs. Yoakley age 96 - ex Peniel Chapel member) Sep. 13: Bristol Ivy Church am / Bristol PHC pm Sep. 14 - 19: Switzerland Sep. 20: Cadnam Methodist Sep. 23: Shirley Warren Baptist Sep. 26: Train London > Durham Sep. 27: Great Lumley am / Bishop Auckland pm Sep. 29: Horden
Oct. 01: Hylton Castle Oct. 02: Train Durham > Larbert Oct. 3-4: Larbert AOG Oct. 5: Train Larbert > London Oct. 11: Millbrook CC am / West Wellow Chapel pm Oct. 12: My Mum's 91st birthday! Oct. 14: Dibden Purlieu Methodist pm Oct. 17: EAB AGM pm Oct. 18: Verwood Chapel am Oct. 19-23: Rutland Water region  Oct. 25: Danbury Mission am + pm
Nov. 01: Cefn Cribwr am / Bristol Lawrence Weston Community Church pm Nov. 03: Return to Brazil

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Patos Bible College

I had a good and longish meeting this morning with the vice-principal of the Patos Bible College. Pastor Lucena is from  the Congregation Church and we've always got on so well together over the years. We discussed a few problems and it was good to feel in general that the College is going well.

I have also done some work on project coordinators issues and have sent out a consultation email to the leadership team.

I am trying to prepare my presentations for UK churches! At this rate I'll be doing this on the plane!

EAB Site updated

The EAB site has been updated on the opening page, Action Child page and the Personnel and Contacts sections have also been brought up to date.

We arrive in the UK two weeks today (DV) - 26/08. Our first engagements will be a Cream Tea Welcome in the New Forest at Ipley on Saturday 29th in the afternoon and a service on the Sunday morning (30th) at Hardley Lighthouse Community Church. Both events are open to one and all and we hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

They've done it again!

The main TV network (Globo) State-wide re-presented the report on our Jabre Peak Campaign to save the environment there in their midday edition - so that's twice in one day. It was basically the same thing, slightly altered, and at least they spelt my name right this time. The petition has received quite a lot more signatures today as a result of the TV exposure. You can see the second edition of the report if you like at

The EAB Information Leaflet was finalized today by the graphics person so now it's at the printers and promised for Friday. PTL! Following this I have started on the PowerPoint material for Europe. The EAB website is being updated too.

State-wide TV reports on our campaign to save Jabre Peak!

You might like to watch the 4 minute report on our environmental campaign to save Jabre Peak here in Paraíba State. I speak a bit in the report towards the end. Since this report was broadcast this morning I am being bombarded by politicians wanting to "help"! The report is in Portuguese of course, but you should get the feel and gist by watching

Monday, 10 August 2015

The more I get done the more there is to do!

Great service last night. Dedicated another baby and my last 2 Sundays prior to our Eurotrip each have further baby dedications lined up.

Sent out EAB Diary Update this morning and then worked on a big updating of the EAB website well over due. I've sent everything to the technical man/webmaster so now await his implementation.

I finished our leaflet for distribution to one and all in Europe in the churches etc. and that has all gone to the graphics man to put it together. That is, the outer pages are all ready - now I have sent the inner pages of the 4 page leaflet. Hence we will be taking with us 2,000 leaflets and 150 calendars. The calendars are already printed and with me in the office.

I did yet another radio interview this morning in the midst of everything else. Help!

I have had to check and change my personal email address with different sites and organizations as my will cease to exist as from August 28th so I am trying to remember everyone I need to tell or else they will have no way of contacting me. At the moment the old address is still forwarding to my new personal address but not sending any more.

The EAB Brazil office address still remains - so either address comes to me whether here or whilst in Europe.

Jon and Eunice have kindly kitted us out with mobile phones, like last time, for whilst we are in the UK. So Liz's number will be 07470 171954 and mine will be 07470 157698. Many thanks for this. 

My start this season in the QPR Prediction League got off to a bad start on Saturday with zero points! I predicted a 3 x 3 draw and we lost 2 x 0. Oh well... at least there are more matches left to be played in the Championship!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

A good full week

Thursday's Bible study was excellent with the visit of the EAB/ACEV Pastor Davi from São Paulo + lots of good prayer, praise and fellowship.

Friday I nipped out to Green Pastures quickly to sort a few things and then got back to working on materials for presentation in Europe as from later this month. We have produced a 2016 EAB calendar to give to churches and that is printed and ready. It is simple and low cost - but I trust it will be a nice reminder of us during 2016 at least! I am now producing a new presentation pamphlet along the lines of the 2011 model to leave with people everywhere we go. The 2011 model was most useful and went down well and EAB's UK Office is just running out of the final copies now - so good timing. This 2015 version is of course right up to date and will contain the main ponts we will be presenting with PowerPoint around the churches. I hope to finish the production of this pamphlet tomorrow, or the latest Tuesday, so that I can get it printed here and take it ready with us. Then I need to put my PowerPoint presentations together... so you can see how my time is streched to the limit.

Today is Brazilian Father's Day and there was a fun and fellowship time last night for the Dads at the church. Tonight I will be preaching on "Love, Determined Effort and Spiritual Responsibility - essencial aspects in the life of a Christian Father'. This I completed preparing last night. I will also be dedicating a baby tonight.

Next Saturday I will be preaching at the opening of a new EAB/ACEV church in the County of Imaculada up in the mountains at Glória Community. Your prayers are very much appreciated with all we have on. 

This blog has now passed the 140,000 visits mark. Many thanks. My photos have now reached the 197,000 viewings mark at

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Arriving in Blighty 3 weeks today!

What a lot of pressure to get everything ready for our 10 weeks in the UK & Switzerland. So much to do! The problem is I just can't stop everything else I have on here so have to juggle it all. I have a meeting of the church leadership tonight to prepare things for our absence. I have a meeting with a journalist any minute now. I have another meeting with the Jabre Peak Campaign committee tomorrow morning. I have a Father's Day sermon to prepare for Sunday. I had to answer questions from different church ministries yesterday... and so it goes on. Please pray.

The teenagers' prayer meeting, now held on a Tuesday night, was great again last night. PTL! Louisa, John David and Arthur were there from our clan, plus so many other kids - all praying and some even giving a word! Bless their hearts. Leadership is not about doing everything yourself but getting the right leaders to head up different church ministries and coordinate them.

We are back into São Mamede town as from Saturday, August 15th. PTL! The Lord has moved there.

I had my routine check with the doctor and had all my blood tests done and received top marks yesterday. PTL! Liz is fine too. PTL!

Just had news that thieves got into the Project rented building in Placas borough last night and stole 2 fans and a water cooler. Oh Lord! 

I must get on with things here...

Monday, 3 August 2015


We had an excellent Communion Service last night. A real blessing.

Yesterday my dear friend David Barlow (MBE - ex- honorary British Consul in Recife - and founder of the NE Brazilian Cultura Inglesa English Language School network of which our girls' school is part) died in João Pessoa aged 87. He was a lovely Christian man (Presbyterian). So Liz and I went to his funeral today driving there and back, with the funeral in the middle, in 12 hours! I am utterly exhausted.

I'll talk more tomorrow   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Old Cow Pen

Liz and I are off to Curral Velho (Old Cow Pen) shortly to preach the Gospel but back in Patos for more ministry tomorrow. We value your prayers. It will be the first time I have been to this place on a tarmacked road as it was until recently a very very bad earth road with one steep dusty climb when the vehicle slid all over the place struggling to get up without grip. All the rest of the road was bumpy with pit holes and rocks.

I dispatched the EAB Diary Update this morning.

Yesterday I went to Green Pastures and checked over things there. All is well despite the drought, which bites harder and harder.

The Christians in Action group are off to the church plant in the neighbouring State of Rio Grande do Norte at Ipueira today, supported by others from the Patos church. The Green Pastures church will be holding a service at a rich land owner's farm. The man has wonderfully come to the Lord.