Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Patos now has water for 6 months!

With the good rains thus far the imminent water supply collapse in February was averted at the last minute and we now have enough reserves to last to the end of August. PTL! Of course we obviously need a lot more as in the second half of the year it doesn't rain like you don't get snow in England in the summer. However we have water now and pray for lots more in March, April and May.

The 4 Patos reservoirs are now as follows:

Jatobá - the one you can see from the road in south Patos - now has 10.2% of its capacity.

Farinha - not far from Jatobá but a bit to the east - has 7.24%.

Capoeira - south west of Patos - has 8.2%.

Coremas - from where the pipeline comes and which even the BBC reported on back in 2002 - has reached 6.83%.

Thank you for your prayers. Please don't stop praying. We pray that we will see all 4 reservoirs overflowing by June!

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