Monday, 31 October 2016

Plenty happening as always!

The Bible study last Thursday was a real blessing as was the visit to preach at Princesa Isabel on Saturday. We also had excellent services yesterday in Patos and the Teixeira church in the mountains had a great anniversary weekend. PTL!

Today our churches start a 40 day read of the New Testament. Perhaps you would like to join us following the schedule below?

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Granddaughter Louisa off to Law School!

Our granddaughter Louisa (Philip & Gylmara'a daughter) has just got her results in for her university entrance exams and she has passed and is into Law School as from the beginning of next year! PTL! She is just 16 and will be 17 in December! She participates beautifully in church and is a key member of the P&W Band, so we are very grateful to God for this tremendous victory and blessing in her life. We'll soon have a lawyer in the family! Our other university age grandchild, Felipe (Deborah's son), is studying to be an architect - so God is being seen to be faithful in our family's lives for which we praise Him!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Things that go glug & blob in the Night!

On Saturday night I spent time out in the Green Pastures wilds, with my friend Pastor Fred from the Conceição Baptist church, with cameras and torches in the pitch black of night! It was great and I took some good photos of frogs like this on the edge of the lake:

I also nearly trod on this Coral snake:

There were lots of Tarantula spiders on the move and this one just got down its hole to escape from us before I could get a better photo:

Prior to this the Bible study went great on the Friday and last night's service was great too with my friend Pastor Fred preaching a superb sermon. PTL! Now it's down to a lot of administrative work for the Mission and preparing to preach at Princesa Isabel on Saturday and in Patos on Sunday.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A non-stop week

A week ago today was Children's Day in Brazil so we held a big event and service for the children in the church which went very well indeed. Many of the EAB/ACEV churches did similar events and activities.

On Thursday it was Bible study night and that went off fine. I also had a good meeting with our deaf pastor and also chaired a meeting of the Jabre Peak campaign leadership team. On Friday I took part in the EAB UK Board meeting via Skype and that went very well. I had my hair cut at some point amongst all this - which made me feel quite light headed!

On Saturday the EAB annual Celebration was held near Southampton and we took part via a video which you can see here: . The service went well I hear with about 50 people present. Pastor Michael Rollo from Scotland was the speaker. On the same day we travelled to preach at Manaíra together with the Church band.That was a real blessing with hundreds gathering in a great street meeting to hear the Gospel.

In Patos on Sunday was the communion service and did we have a packed church. Wow! Fantastic.

On Monday I chaired another public meeting in defense of Jabre Peak and on Tuesday I went to Green Pastures. When I got back from there I went to visit a pastor from another denomination who is 82 and broke his thigh in a fall at home. I am trying to help him get his surgery done in the hospital and had it all sorted today - but the operation had to be cancelled at the last minute as the brother went and drunk loads of water! Oh dear!

Today I have had a Skype meeting with leadership with the Christian environmental organization 'A Rocha' and planned some activities together for next year. I am now preparing this Thursday's Bible study. On Saturday I will be interviewed on the Roman Catholic radio station. Times have changed.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

92 today

My dear Mum is 92 today! I have sent her an e-card and a video message. Mum just keeps on hanging on in there and we praise God for her long life in service to the Lord. (photo taken a year ago)

Monday, 10 October 2016

Quite a Weekend!

I prepared my sermon (most of it) for the Sunday night in Patos on Saturday and at night Liz and I headed for a farm not far beyond Green Pastures where Liz spoke and I preached. It was a good meeting with between 50 and 60 present.

Following the service we called in at Green Pastures to pick up stacks of plates for the 'Bean Feast' (traditional Brazilian Feijoada dish) which the youth were doing for Sunday lunch in order to raise funds for their members to go to the Youth Conference next month in Campina Grande. Liz had insisted previously with the cook (Linda) to bring in more giant cooking pots for the event but was told it wasn't necessary. However as we were entering Patos about 10pm Liz's mobile rang... and yes it was the cook saying she needed the pots! So we dropped the plates off at the church and then had to turn round and drive back out to Green Pastures to get the cooking pots and drop them at the Patos church too! We got to bed at well gone midnight as a consequence.

Early on Sunday morning we had a phone call to say that one of our church members' father had died aged 97 - and could I conduct the funeral at 4pm to which of course I agreed. So here I was tired out, had to finish off the preparation of my sermon for the evening service, needed to at least show my face and eat at the 'Bean Feast', then conduct a funeral prior to getting to church for the evening celebration at 6.30pm.

The funeral went off fine with a good crowd suporting. I led it from inside a tiny front room in the house alongside the open coffin, with a microfone linked to a vehicle with loudspeakers outside the house. It was extremely hot - especially for me in my full funeral suit and tie.

We just had time to get home after this for a quick cuppa and then charge to church where the service with live broadcast was held and was really blessed. I preached on 'The Bible and Children' as this coming Wednesday is Children's Day in Brazil and in the service last night some of the kids did a lovely dance in which grandddaughters Alice and Bia took part. This Wednesday we will have a special event for children at the church in the afternoon.

Liz and I got home exhausted, but still managed to watch the USA presidential debate as we usually do.

This morning we awoke to church problems to solve and have zapped them (I hope) so we press on. Thanks for all your prayers and support - especially with the Brexit sterling crisis going from bad to worth. Difficult days for missions. Anyway here are the girls dancing before the Lord last night in church.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Annual EAB Report

I finished and sent to the EAB Board of Trusteees in the UK yesterday the annual report from the work here, as is always done in the build up for the AGM. The Board will be meeting on October 14th and the Annual Celebration and fellowship tea will be on the following day.

I am now working on a video message for the Annual Celebration. I also have to prepare the Bible Study for tonight, a sermon for Saturday in São Mamede and for Patos on Sunday. 

My Mum, who will be 92 next Wednesday (12th) is very frail. I have spoken to her a number of times this week via Whatsapp. She called my name and said she loved me - which was nice bless her heart!

Whatsapp is very useful for many things, including fast contact between the ACEV leadership team here. We sorted out a serious problem which arose this week very quickly through this means of communication.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Victory over corruption

The Mayor I voted for, Dinaldinho Wanderley, was elected today with a 10% margin over his nearest rival and will take up office on January 1st. His Deputy Mayor, Bonifácio Rocha, is a good friend of mine. It was a victory of right over wrong I feel and I thank God for answered prayer. I now pray that the new guy will stay on the straight and narrow. 

It was a tense day waiting for the result. Polls closed at 5pm and we had the result by 6.30pm.


Today (Sunday) is the day local elections are held nationwide in Brazil for Mayor and Town Councils. In Patos there are 5 candidates for Mayor and 194 for Town Councillor for which there are 17 places to be had. As usual our church held its only service today from 8am to 9am so as to leave people free to vote afterwards. We don't hold our main Sunday night service on election day as the noise in town by then is too great. Voting takes places from 8am to 5pm and as Brazil uses an electronic ballot system it gives very fast results so we expect the result in Patos by about 7pm. I voted straight after the service in church.

Things are exceptionally quiet for an election day in Patos which I interpret as a good sign for the candidate I voted for Mayor. There are not a lot of coloured shirts either as there normally are. This is all good in my opinion for the anti-corruption candidate. However we will watch and pray and wait and see!

Thursday night's Bible study went very well. On Friday I went to Green Pastures and discovered there had been a bust up there between Tarcisio and another worker so had to sort that out.

Tomorrow night we have a special meeting at the request of the College of Physiotherapy in Patos to thank God for the 10 years of the College. Thus I am preparing my message for this. A good opportunity as most there will be none Christians.