Thursday, 26 October 2017

Liz has cataract surgery

Liz had a cataract removed from one eye today and an artificial lense inserted. All went well here in João Pessoa and we plan to return to Patos in the morning. Liz will have the other eye done as soon as possible. We value your prayers.

Last Sunday's service was excellent. Preaching on "eating Christ's flesh and drinking his blood" (John 6) was challenging, especially in the catholic context in which we work, but the Lord really blessed.

On Tuesday the drama group had a fantastic opportunity for the Gospel as they were invited to perform our missions play (that I wrote together with Liz and our drama leader Dilma) in the Patos open-air theatre as part of the town's 114th anniversary celebrations. It went extremely well reaching a very large crowd. So well did it go that the group has been invited to perform our Christmas play (which I wrote about 30 years ago and which is being revived this year) in the same venue during Christmas week - so another great opening for the Gospel. PTL!

On Saturday I will be preaching at our Teixeira church up in the mountains and on Sunday I will be preaching on Reformation Sunday - being the nearest Sunday to 500 years on from October 31st 1517. The deaf and choreography groups will be taking part in the service. As Luther said, "Hear I stand"! And here we stand too in our belief in the supremacy of Christ, the Bible, salvation through faith in the grace of God which leads us to live exclusively for His glory! (Scripture alone - Faith alone - Grace alone - Christ alone - All glory to God alone)

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