Monday, 2 December 2019

What a fantastic week at the supermarket!

Yesterday we as the Patos church concluded an amazing week of silent evangelism, silent prayer and fundraising for our projects at a big central supermarket and shopping complex at their invitation! 

That is, the last item was what they invited us to do in recognition of EAB projects, and we added the former evangelism/prayer to the package! 

For an entire week from 7 am to 9pm there were boxes at the check-outs for us to collect customers’ change, so we organized a 100 strong team of volunteers from the church, all wearing the same green church t-shirts, to ask people to contribute to our projects. Our T-shirts spoke the Gospel to people in silence as we evangelized thousands of people throughout the week. We prayed for many in silence too and some actually asked us to pray for them. We had countless contacts for the Gospel. 

It was a fantastic week. Tomorrow we will discover what the check-out change added up to, but the seeds of the Gospel will produce much fruit we are sure anyway!

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