Sunday, 3 November 2019

Small Things

This Sunday I will be preaching on 1 Kings 19:11-18 and talking about how it's not always through the wind and fire that God speaks to us but sometimes it's through His still small voice! I pray that many lives will be blessed in today's communion service.

Thursday's Bible study on the Nazarite Vow went particularly well. The cultural/religious trappings no longer apply to us but the underlying principle of the need for separation from what is not pleasing to God, and the need for consecration to Him, is eternal. 

Very encouraging this week too was the the outreach service on Tuesday night in one of the most notoriously violent and dangerous streets in Patos where murders are common. We had a team of 25 there which is not bad for a Tuesday night! Praise God! The Gospel was preached and the seed was sown as many heard the Gospel.

Our Seniors Project continues to bless many lives. It is lovely to see the joy on the young at heart's faces doing occupational therapy, tucking in to good food and praying together and meeting around God's word. Just the project in itself says so much about Christian care and concern.

On Tuesday we are happy to be receiving Lyndsey Rollo from Scotland for a week's visit. We pray that she will be blessed amongst us and also herself be a blessing. 

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