Wednesday, 6 November 2019

God speaks today

I was studying and praying in my office yesterday when I clearly felt, out of the blue, I should contact somebody who is away from God and hasn't been in church for a long time. So I stopped what I was doing and sent him a message, not knowing that half an hour earlier one of our leaders had bumped into this person and spoken to him too! The result was a series of conversations with the person, confession of sin, and a promise to return to church immediately. Praise God that he does speak today! Please pray for this situation.

Lyndsey Rollo arrived from Found Church, Scotland yesterday and will be playing keyboard with our band on Sunday and preaching on worship too. Lyndsey is a physiotherapist and a graduate from Hillsong, Australia. Today Liz and I are taking her with us on some journies further into the interior to visit churches and projects. I will be preaching tomorrow night at Caroá. We value your prayers.

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