Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Feet washing in the middle of a meal

I started preparing my sermon for next Sunday yesterday and continue today. I like to do this early in the week when that's possible. There's a lot of prayer and preparation that has to be done alone in my office behind the scenes. My sermon will be on John 13:1-17 which when digging into is quite a passage.

I also received the gift of a forest fire beater from the Fire Brigade yesterday for Green Pastures. I enquired with them about how we could be best prepared for the worst (which we hope  and pray will never occur) and they gave me a new "beater" which they themselves use. Marian Rashleigh tells me that these "beaters" (not sure if this is what you call them in English) used to be placed all over the New Forest. The Fire Brigade chief was most impressed that I was thinking ahead like this and very happy that I am organizing a local team to be ready for an eventual fire outbreak as the Fire Brigade is so stretched to cope with a large area. I will now need to get more of these beaters but have the model to go on. The Fire Brigade has offered to give our team some training too.

This afternoon the Environmental Police will be going to Green Pastures with a coach load of school kids to visit our Nature Reserve. I will show them round a bit and talk to them about caring for God's creation. Then the police will set free some birds which they have recovered from people illegally keeping wild birds in captivity which is a common practice here.

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