Thursday, 3 May 2018


I have had a long counselling session this morning with someone delivered from drugs for nearly two years but who is under all sorts of pressure. I talked to him for ages, heard all his difficulties, counselled him and prayed with him. Please pray for this man I will call MAV so as to maintain anonimity. He is seeking to follow the Lord.

Please aso pray for the woman from the Desert Flower Project on drugs who has made a commitment  to Christ but who is struggling. Code name SAR.

I did a night Green Pastures two hour treck with Tarcísio yesterday alongside the lake and river looking for frogs, toads, snakes and spiders. It is quite complicated in the dark but interesting. I could hear different species of frogs but often not easy to locate. 

Liz continues to be in considerably better health, though not out of the woods yet.

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