Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Cost of True Worship

"The Cost of True Worship" was the title of my sermon on Sunday night based on John 12:1-11 where Lazarus's sister Mary poured expensive ointment on Jesus's feet in a beautiful act of humble personally involved worship which filled the house with the aroma. She didn't pour ointment on His head but on His feet and she didn't dry them with a towel but with her own hair. The message I believe was a blessing to many. In fact the whole service was blessed with a lovely spirit of praise and worship.

This week I have been preparing ministry for a seminar I will be preaching at in João Pessoa and further ministry at Belém Village in Tavares County on Friday. I will also be visiting a new church plant endeavour ar Jurema Village in that area.

The battle goes on to protect Green Pastures from invasion by a powerline. We have had a group of 50 adults visiting for a good 4 mile walk through the trails which is all part of our educational work and next week we will have a school visiting.

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