Thursday, 5 April 2018

Sermon ready for Sunday

I have just completed my preparations of my sermon for this Sunday in Patos on John 12:1-11 and entitled "The Cost of True Worship" about the story of Lazarus's sister Mary annointing Jesus' feet with expensive perfume and drying his feet with her hair.

Liz's health continues to be a concern. She is up and down with one day more pain and the next somewhat easier. The antibiotics have not had the desired effect as yet and on Monday Liz will face more drastic treatment for which we ask your prayers. We hope and pray that this new biological treament will have the desired major effect and improve her health big time.

The work presses forward and good news from the Travessia village is of further decisions for Christ there. PTL! This is an absolutely pioneer place where there was no previous Gospel witness. In the town of Manaíra 8 were baptized at Easter. A new work in the city of Recife seems to be developing which has been a long-time strategic goal of EAB/ACEV so as to move more heavily into that State of Pernambuco. The regular Patos church services broadcast weekly has had a direct input into this development. 

We still need much prayer in defense of Green Pastures against a planned invasion by high tension electricity pylons and cables. We have hopes that the Federal Environmental Agency will help us and we ask prayer for this.

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