Sunday, 25 March 2018

Is this a Breakthrough?

I am happy to say that yesterday we received the results of tests done on Liz last week which have finally discovered the bacteria which is the root cause of all Liz's very serious health problems and which no previous tests had managed to discover. 

Last Tuesday Liz had 7 syringes of fluid removed from one knee and this fluid was sent to a laboratory for different tests including a culture. This culture both discovered the hidden bacteria as well as defining which antibiotics will be effective in killing the bacteria. We are all very happy about this of course and thank you for your prayers. The specialist caring for Liz is really thrilled too and says that this bacteria is what had stopped all previous medications working for Liz.

Thus Liz today has started on a mammoth 2 month course of antibiotics and we hope and pray she will start to improve in the near future and feel stronger and better. Please continue to pray.

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