Friday, 5 January 2018

It's lovely to see the fruit of God's work

This morning I was loading the car getting ready to go out to Green Pastures about 6 am and a man with a mule cart asked to speak to Liz. Rogério always works for us with his cart taking cuttings from plants away and things like that, or bringing sand for some building work etc. He is a very hard honest worker and such a cheerful chap.

Liz reminded me that Rogério had been a pupil of EAB's Pastor Frank Dyer School in Patos 30 years ago! "Ah yes... I remember it well" came to mind! And then Liz, in typical fashion, says I think I've got a photo of him when he was at school with us! Of course I remember these things just the same... but sometimes I forget! By the time I got back from Green Pastures Liz had already put the photo on my desk and sure enough he still has the same smile today as you can see by comparing the photos.

How wonderful to see someone doing well in life far from crime and drugs which affect so many. EAB Action Schools work and change lives. Thank you for supporting Action Child and Schools.

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