Thursday, 25 January 2018

Dare to be a Daniel!

Liz and I visited Veterinary Doctor Adriana, who together with her husband Klênio are members of the Patos church, and who rejoiced this morning at the birth of baby Daniel who weighed in at 4 kg. My T-shirt was at the request of Daniel who sent me a text message requesting it!

Yesterday and on Tuesday I prepared my sermon for Sunday early in the week. It will be sermon 30 in John's Gospel - this time on John 8:12-30 focusing mainly on verse 12.

I've had meetings with Action Child/School leaders this week and with other project and church leaders. 

Yesterday (Wednesday) we had nearly an inch of rain at Green Pastures which is at least a sign of hope. PTL!

This Saturday I am doing the youth meeting. That is - I am going to sit in the middle of them all and let them fire questions at me about anything they like! Lord only knows what they're going to come out with! I hope it will be a blessing and encouragement to them.

Liz is giving the Bible study tonight.

A Baptist pastor asked if I would go to his church 70 km north-west of Patos at Paulista and speak about integral mission at the beginning of February so I agreed.

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