Saturday, 20 January 2018

10-day Special Evangelistic Outreach

This year the Outreach is being held at Manaíra and as usual I go with Liz to preach the final outdoor Gospel service message. I spent yesterday preparing for this. There have been a number of decisions for Christ during the event. PTL!

It makes for a long tiring night as we need to be back in Patos for services tomorrow and we value your prayers.

We had 9 mm of rain at Green Pastures on Thursday night and the weather forecast is good for some more rain tonight. We sure need massive abundant rain over the next months as the situation is desperate here.

We continue going flat out preparing for the Carnival Camp now just 3 weeks away. The dormitory being expanded and upgraded should be finished next week I hope. Then the car park needs to be finished off. We should just about make it with all being done prior to the Camp. All the cleaning and preparing of all the dormitories and buildings now starts. The painters are doing overtime today. We also have snake and frog researchers on site all weekend too. 

I went to the dentist's (and survived!) this week and to my dermitologist to sort out routine skin problems which crop up as a result of the heat and my walking a lot in the bush. I also have has Action Child Project meetings and done a lot of EAB administrative work. I have also done some counselling. 

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