Monday, 25 July 2016

A busy & blessed weekend

The Bible study went great last Thursday. It was a real blessing.

On Saturday Liz and I drove to the coast to preach at our João Pessoa main church's 22nd anniversary service (photo below). The style of the church is a bit old fashioned and the service a bit uncrisp - but all went well and the sermon flowed nicely. We slept there the night and got back to Patos about 1.30pm on the Sunday.

Hence yesterday afternoon was very pressured as I had to prepare things I don't usually have to do as your digital projector man is away - but we just about made it. The service went beautifully and visiting speaker pastor Angelo from Soledade preached. The leading of the meeting was handled between Philip and me.

Today I've been doing lots of communications work with all the churches. 

In the morning I have two young men here from Tearfund who want to visit Green Pastures - I also have a new university teacher wanting to go there on Friday with 15 students - and on Saturday morning I have another visitor there from São Paulo. Never a dull moment! The brother on the Saturday will speak at the service at Green Pastures on Saturday night and in Patos on Sunday.

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