Sunday, 13 December 2015

No Room in the Inn

I took an urgent Christmas hamper this morning to a family in desperate need as are so many in this tragic drought. With little water available building sites are grinding to a halt causing unemployment to soar further. This dear family depended on Dad Jucieldo's work as a bricklayer's labourer and their world collapsed when he was layed off from his work. With no money to pay the rent they were evicted. No room in the inn. Someone allowed them to erect this sort of shed from scrap wood on land a few miles from Green Pastures so as to have somewhere to live and I got to hear about them from folk in the area.

I soon discovered that they had little food to eat via Mum Francisca so headed there with an EAB Christmas hamper and found them under a tree cooking with a wood scraps fire and on the fire was just beans and nothing else at all! To say they were overjoyed just doesn't transmit what I experienced. We were leaving but forgot something and Tarcísio went back into the shack and they had already ripped open the sack and were devouring the biscuits and readily eatable things!

Another very happy moment was when I presented bags of sweets to the children. It was like they'd just received the latest IPhone or the likes!

EAB ministers to people for whom there is no room at the inn. If you feel you should and can help EAB do this more please donate now online at or send direct to the EAB UK office. A Happy Christmas to everyone!

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