Friday, 18 December 2015

Empty Arm

Having had a whole batch of routine blood tests this morning I am at the moment rather unbalanced with one arm distinctly empty.

Last night's Bible study went well. Normally prior to the Bible study up to 3 people give should words and it was particularly nice to have my nephew Ben (my sister Joy's son who married a Patos girl) in one of these slots. It went very well and I interpreted for him. Ben's wife will be baptized on New Year's Eve and then both will be received into fellowship in the Patos church. 

Last night we had Brother Romildo singing again. I like to give simple folk like him a chance to sing in the mid-week meeting (about 50 there last night) but the problem is that he insists on singing with a playback which is scratched and old and often the track he wants gets muddled. It's quite an ordeal. Last week it took us 10 minutes to sort out the dear brother and when he started the same antics this week I asked him to go and sit down whilst he sorted out his track with the sound man and then I'd call him back. Eventually we sorted him and he was smiling, bless his heart.

Yesterday afternoon we had the exploited women's group (the batterred wives) Christmas party and made a cake for them with soft drinks and the present of Christmas hampers (see photo) for each one. Wow did they love it! It was really moving to see how they all turned up, like Cinderela at the Ball, with borrowed clothes from friends and relatives, made up and hair all fixed. It clearly was a very proud moment for them and we loved to see it.

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